BAE Systems has signed a new contract to continue supporting Australia's strategic Over the Horizon Radar system that will deliver major savings in support of Defence's Strategic Reform Program.

The Nacre QuietPro Auto-Adaptive Communications Hearing Protection system recently entered service with the Australian Army.

L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced that over 100 of its VIS-108 automated explosives detection systems (EDS) have been upgraded to VIS-HR EDS systems that meet EU Standard 2 requirements.

Passengers arriving at major airport terminals in the future will enjoy a much smoother, more streamlined and superior experience thanks to new technology affectionately dubbed ANIE.

Boeing's Vigilare network centric command and control system has passed its last formal operational test.

L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced that the UK Department for Transport has approved its OptEX explosives trace detection system for use in UK transportation security applications.

L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced that six airports located throughout Latin America have selected L-3 to address their passenger, hand-carried and checked baggage screening requirements.

With the acquisition of two AAI Shadow 200 Tactical UAV systems, the ADF is at long last on the road to wielding a superior ISTAR capability at the tactical level.

The US Marine Corps has been outfitting the Shadow unmanned aerial system with electronic warfare pods to provide aid to troops in the field.

Boeing Defence Australia announced recently that the company's Vigilare network centric command and control system has completed site acceptance testing at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Last month Boeing received a $15.5 million support services contract for the Modernised High Frequency Communications System.

The US Army is fielding two new intelligence-sharing systems for US troops operating unmanned aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan to mitigate the problem of intelligence going stale.

This year’s pre-Avalon AUVS-A (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems - Australia) conference in Melbourne was the first since the formation of the Australian Chapter last year. But the message from Defence wasn’t encouraging for local firms.

The Stalker is a mini UAV that was developed by Lockheed Martin at the Advanced Development Programs sector, best known as Skunk Works.

Northrop Grumman and US Navy officials have been busy marketing the BAMS drone to Australian and Indian officials in recent weeks.

Canada has contracted for state of the art technology to help it's Navy and Coast Guard commanders work better together.

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