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Land Forces 2014: Building on Beersheba | ADM September 2014

With Army’s transformation plan for the future now deep into its implementation, a great deal of thought is being given to what comes next. To find out more, ADM recently spoke with Brigadier Mick Ryan, Director Strategic Plans - Army. Premium

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Defence Business: First Australian Joint Strike Fighters rolled out | ADM September 2014

In a ceremony at the historic US Air Force Plant No.4 in Fort Worth Texas on July 24, the first two Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters for the Royal Australian Air Force were formally rolled out. Premium

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Capabilities: Australia defers JSF in line with US | ADM June 2012

Defence Minister Stephen Smith’s announcement in May that the Government will delay the purchase of 12 Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighters by two years did not come as any great surprise. Premium

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Defence Business: Smart technologies on show at MilCIS | ADM December 2013/Janaury 2014

As always, MilCIS is the showcase for all things technical when it comes to military communications and information systems and the protection of such assets. Premium

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Defence Business: Abbott’s army | ADM November 2013

Tony Abbott has become Australia’s 28th Prime Minister, leading the Coalition back into government. Premium

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Budget: Budget 2014 – An industry perspective | ADM June 2014

The budget honours Tony Abbott’s pre-election commitment to ensure no further cuts to Defence spending and increase over the next decade the current level of Defence spending from 1.6 per cent of GDP – the lowest level since 1938 – to two percent of GDP. Premium

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Simulation and Training: Increased use of simulation in ADF helicopter training | ADM August 2014

A significant increase in the use of simulation is integral to ambitious plans to graduate the first pilots from the ADF’s new Joint Helicopter (JHS) in 2018. Premium

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Undersea Technology: Unmanned MCM: the LCS litmus test | ADM August 2014

While Australia’s Project SEA 1180 has been put on the back burner, the US Navy remains resolved to bring offboard MCM into its front line. ADM examines the means to effect this transformation, and challenges being encountered. Premium

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ADF Weapons: Is Defence interest in non-lethal weapons waning? | ADM July 2014

The notion of acquiring new, enhanced non-lethal weapons, to provide deployed forces with greater options than through the use of lethal force, had its genesis in the 2009 Defence White Paper. And there it appears to have rested. Premium

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Undersea Technology: The combat system that Collins didn’t get | ADM August 2014

At the 2001 Defence + Industry Conference in Canberra, there was an expectation that Defence would announce the results of the competition for the supply of a new combat system for the Collins-class submarines. The choice lay between the ISUS90-55, offered by STN Atlas and its Australian partners, and the Raytheon CCS Mk.2, in service with the US Navy. Premium

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Cyber: Inside the Australian Cyber Security Centre | ADM May 2014

The last many of our readers would have heard of the establishment of Australian Cyber Security Centre (not to be confused with the Australian Command & Staff College) was a year ago, when then Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced its establishment. Premium

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Land Forces 2014: Australian research energising soldiers | ADM September 2014

DSTO scientists are working with their US Army counterparts to develop an energy bar containing gluten-free flour derived from waste green bananas that would minimise the effect of diarrheal disease on troops in the field. Premium

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View from Canberra: Coping with the home-grown Jihadist | ADM August 2014

As Islamist militants surged through northern Iraq and were, it seemed, poised to swoop on Baghdad, there was much speculation about Australia committing military forces to help stem this malevolent tide. Premium

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Land Forces 2014: Soldier Survivability and the Soldier System | ADM September 2014

For the UK, the US and other allied forces, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have forced substantial and rapid investment in individual protection systems such as helmets and body armour. Premium

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NUSHIP Canberra departs Melbourne

The first Landing Helicopter Dock NUSHIP Canberra has departed the BAE Systems Williamstown shipyard and is bound for Sydney.