One lanyard to rule them all

As this edition of ADM goes to print, it remains to be seen what effect the First Principles Review (FPR) has had on Defence in a substantial way. Premium

Editorial: Information black hole

This month’s edition was a bit of trial for me I have to say. If you read the opening article of our annual Defence Capability Plan (DCP) Calendar, you can see where some of my frustration came from. The better part of a month was spent going around in circles. I have no doubt that I am not the only one who is irritated by the lack of information coming out of Defence at the moment. Premium

Editorial: Walking the line between openness and security on the cyber front

Of all the topics that ADM covers, cyber is perhaps the least well-understood domain. Cyber warfare, cyber crime, cyber threats and all the other cyber terms that come up can provide a labyrinth for the everyday person to navigate with little or no skill in the workplace or at home. Premium

The View from Canberra: What does IS offer its fighters?

If it hasn’t already happened, there’s a chance that sooner or later a RAAF crew aboard a Super Hornet high over Iraq will release a weapon that obliterates a teenaged jihadist from western Sydney. Premium

The View from Canberra: Training deja vu

We’re sending trainers back into Iraq and back to the same sprawling base at Taji where members of the Australian Army Training team-Iraq operated almost a decade ago. Premium

Editorial: Land 400

Land 400 has begun in earnest with the release of the RFT earlier this year. Bids are due in the box in June. That gives defence industry about two more months from when you receive this edition of ADM to decide how they’re going to go about the program. Premium

The View from Canberra: Submarine procurement, then and now

Twenty years ago the government of the day was facing similar circumstances when it came to procuring a new submarine and new frigates. Premium

Editorial: Time for the Silent Service to make some noise

For a Sea Power edition of ADM you might find it a little strange that there is no feature article on anything to do with submarines, the topic de jour in the maritime world. This was a very deliberate decision on my part; the huge levels of uncertainty surrounding the program is almost paralysing. We do, however, have a news story on the following page updating readers on the state of play of the program and some of the responses to the path the government has outlined. Premium

The View from Canberra: A VIP fleet by any other name

When it comes to controversies over defence equipment, there's one that routinely tops all, far exceeding JSF, Collins submarines, air warfare destroyers and maybe even F-111s; the government's VIP aircraft fleet.

Editorial: Politics versus process | ADM October 2014

Over the past 10 to 15 years, government, defence and the DMO have spent many dollars and man hours reforming the processes by which materiel for the ADF is acquired and sustained. The endless cycle of reviews (Kinnaird, Mortimer, Black, Coles et al) continues with the First Principals Review, which is due out next year alongside a raft of other important strategic documents including a new White Paper, Defence Capability Plan and Industry Policy. Premium

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China prepares to show off arsenal at military parade

Artist's impression of the J20. Credit: impside art by Alexandr Chechin CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons
Chinese rehearsals in late August provided the first views of some new missiles and other weapons in the People's Liberation Army arsenal.