View from Canberra: Coping with the home-grown Jihadist | ADM August 2014

As Islamist militants surged through northern Iraq and were, it seemed, poised to swoop on Baghdad, there was much speculation about Australia committing military forces to help stem this malevolent tide. Premium

Editorial: Embracing risk and the benefits to Australian industry | ADM August 2014

In early July, Defence Minister David Johnston officially opened Saab Australia’s Advanced Maritime Systems Centre (AMSC) in Adelaide and, in doing so, spoke highly of Australian technology. Premium

View from Canberra: The pitfalls of working with allies | ADM July 2014

Japan and Australia are new best security buddies with PM Tony Abbott signing off on a program of enhanced security and defence cooperation during his visit to Tokyo in early April. Premium

Editorial: Budgets, Joint Strike Fighters and projects | ADM June 2014

With the Abbott Government’s inaugural budget now behind us, the debate over whether it is effective or not, fair or unfair, will no doubt continue for some time. Premium

View from Canberra: Budget 2014 and its impact on Defence personnel | ADM June 2014

Maybe some in defence breathed a small sigh of relief that cuts in defence public service numbers weren't as bad as hinted in pre-budget speculation but they were still pretty bad, in line with a long-term coalition view that defence contains too much tail for the number of teeth. Premium

View from Canberra: F-35 faces further challenges | ADM May 2014

Expect to see plenty of bad press about the Joint Strike Fighter now that the program has entered the phase which those with knowledge of complex defence equipment have long predicted would be a problem - integrating computer software so that JSF is actually fit to go to war. Premium

Editorial: Considering the future of Australia's Future Submarine | ADM May 2014

While many of the conversations I had last month were centred on the future of naval shipbuilding in Australia, this month it seems the focus is on submarines and in particular, Sea 1000 or Future Submarine. Premium

View from Canberra: The Looming Valley of Death | ADM April 2014

Every morning that parliament sits in Canberra, reporters congregate outside to quiz arriving politicians on the issues of the day, especially useful for the electronic media which acquires fresh vision for morning bulletins. Premium

Editorial: The dismantling of Australia’s manufacturing capability | ADM April 2014

First of all, welcome to the first edition of ADM with me in the editorial chair, albeit temporarily, as Katherine is away on maternity leave. Premium

Editorial: Time to let go of the Valley of Death and make a decision | ADM March 2014

What Sea Power edition of any Defence magazine would be complete without a mention of the dreaded Valley of Death? For those living under a rock for the past few years, the term encompasses the period between 2015 and 2018/2019 when the Defence shipbuilding program become somewhat quiet. And by quiet I mean absent. Premium

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New $700m training system for ADF helicopter crews

Defence Minister David Johnston meets HMAS Albatross personnel during his visit to the base on Thursday during which he announced a $700 million Helicopter Aircrew Training System would be based at the Nowra naval air station.
A modern helicopter training system for Navy and Army personnel has been approved by Defence Minister Senator David Johnston.