Editorial: Rose tinted glasses | ADM February 2014

The more keen eyed of you may have spotted something a little different on the editorial page this month: a cartoon. Premium

View from Canberra: The grey area of Afghan policing | ADM February 2014

When Australia departs Afghanistan, security forces made up of a number of police and army forces will take over their responsibilities in Uruzgan Province. It’s a mixed bag of capabilities and personalities. Premium

Editorial: To be or not to be | ADM December 2013/Janaury 2014

It is always tempting in the December/January edition to look at the year that was and the year ahead. And it is a temptation I will give into. It has been a year of ups and downs in many ways. Premium

From the Source: Chris Burns, CEO of the Defence Teaming Centre | ADM November 2013

What exactly do industry groups do on a day to day basis to get the bigger picture across? ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to Defence Teaming Centre CEO Chris Burns to find out what makes the DTC tick and how the new government will affect Defence industry amongst other things. Premium

View from Canberra: Logistics by the locals in Afghanistan | ADM November 2013

By the end of the year, there will be no Australian troops left in Uruzgan Province and most of those in Afghanistan will have come home. Premium

Editorial: History repeating? | ADM November 2013

One of the things that I love most about working at ADM is that there is always something new to report on, be it a new technology, a new company, a new program or a new policy. Premium

Editorial: Chasing the possibilities | ADM October 2013

Navy has always struck me as the service most guided and shaped by its history. A sense of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ seems the preferred modus operandi. Premium

View from Canberra: How will the Valley of Death be crossed? | ADM October 2013

Presumably BAE Systems execs had a word in the PM’s ear about the Valley of Death but his only public utterance came in response to a worker who bailed him up in full view of the TV cameras asked him to sign a union petition calling for future naval vessels to be designed and constructed in Australia. Premium

Editorial: Strategic challenges in Land | ADM October 2013

As many of you may have noticed, I have an ongoing passion with the Domestic Munitions Manufacturing Arrangements (DMMA) program, which I’ve continued on P28 this month. Premium

View from Canberra: The future of Land 400 | ADM October 2013

The Afghanistan conflict has produced some quality literature and more is sure to appear. For this correspondent a standout remains Dead Men Risen by Toby Harnden which recounts the tour of the Welsh Guards in Helmand in 2009. Premium

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Lockheed Martin delivers MH-60R EWSS to RAN

RAN MH-60R in Owego Acoustics Bay. [Photo:Lockheed Martin]
Lockheed Martin Australia has confirmed delivery of its MH-60R electronic warfare support system to the Royal Australian Navy.