A NIFTY piece of kit saves time on flight-testing

A NIFTY sensor installed on a PC-A's vertical stabiliser. Credit: Defence

Instrumenting aircraft to collect certification, continued airworthiness and mission effectiveness data is a critical enabler towards the successful management and development of the RAAF's aerospace capability, but the cost of such work has traditionally been prohibitive and time consuming. The ‘NIFTY’ wireless sensor system is set to change all that.


Defence Business - Growler

Officials from both the US and Australia attended the official roll-out ceremony. Credit: ADM Katherine Ziesing

The RAAF's first EA-18G Growler has been handed over in a ceremony at Boeing's St. Louis facility. Destined for 6 Squadron, the aircraft is the first of 12 Growlers to complement 24 Super Hornets already in service. All 12 aircraft are due to be in country by the end of 2017.


View from Canberra: Air 9000 rationalisation goal never reached

A MRH-90 helicopter from 5th Aviation Regiment on the flight deck of HMAS Canberra at sunset during Sea Series 2015.

Back in 2004 defence launched an ambitious project, Air 9000, to rationalise the ADF helicopter fleet. That’s 10 different types, each with its own particular support, logistics and training requirements. Premium

IAI promotes Heron TP for future ADF MUAS

Coincidental with the news during the Avalon show that the Australian government has sent personnel to the United States to commence training on the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper MUAS, Israel Aircraft Industries revealed that it has conducted initial discussions with the RAAF regarding the potential of its Heron TP medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial system. Premium

Firescout for RAN?

According to CDRE James Borghardt US, deputy program manager for the MQ- 8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter, several discussions have taken place between the US Navy and the RAN on this capability, including its potential use in the Sea5000 Future Frigate program. Premium

Wedgetail operational update

Several RAAF capabilities were the subject of briefings by senior RAAF officials at Avalon, including the recent (and ongoing) operational success of the Boeing E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) platform during Operation Okra. Premium

JSF weapons on show

Roketsan, a major Turkish weapons manufacturer and defence contractor, exhibited at Avalon for the first time after executives were impressed by a visit to the 2013 show. Premium

Marvin Test Solutions

The Marvin MTS-3060 SmartCan

Marvin Test Solutions is a small to medium enterprise of fewer than 100 employees based in California, producing innovative test equipment aimed at reducing the ‘footprint’ of gear required to perform armament and maintenance testing from the ramp to the depot-level workshops. Premium

RAAF details KC-30 boom remediation

Commander Air Mobility Group, Air Commodore Warren McDonald has predicted that the RAAF’s Airbus KC-30A multi-role tanker transport will achieve Final Operating Capability at the end of the year. Premium

Dassault Falcon eyes VIP fleet opportunities

Dassault Falcon has their business jets on display at the Avalon air show, hoping to entice VIPs both in and out of uniform. Premium

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