The ADF’s love affair with tactical UAVs

The ADF deserves credit for the speedy introduction of tactical UAVs in support of its deployed forces in the MEAO.

Is 2015 the Year of the Tiger?

In the October 2014 issue of ADM we reported that the Army’s Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter was facing an uncertain future because it had not been able to achieve the desired rate of effort after a decade in service.

APC Technology: From agriculture to the ADF

Display panel in aircraft.
APCT’s ruggedized display and control systems serve in a myriad of environments from agriculture and mining to military, including the sensor consoles aboard Border Protection Command’s contracted civil aerial maritime surveillance fleet.

At first glance, the link between hosing cow dung from an automated dairy’s control panel and advancing the art of defence equipment may not be readily apparent. But for Scott Begbie, Managing Director of Adelaide’s APC Technology, agriculture and other industries can sometimes teach defence a thing or two about equipment survival.

RAAF transformation under Plan Jericho

During 2014, Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Geoff Brown started shaping the space where Air Force’s Plan Jericho would sit. At speeches in May and August last year he introduced the vision behind the transformational plan to bring the RAAF well and truly into the digital age.

Air Power MRTT

This year is set to be a big one for the RAAF’s KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) which, if everything goes to plan, will finally have an operational boom system.

Air Operations - RAAF in Iraq

Operation OKRA is the Australian Defence Force's contribution to the international effort to combat the ISIL terrorist threat in Iraq.

World class titanium machining settled in at BAE Systems Adelaide

By the end of 2014, BAE Systems’ advanced manufacturing centre at its Edinburgh Parks site in Adelaide had delivered 900 machined titanium components to customers Marand and BAE Systems UK, to be incorporated in to tails for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The destructive power of Lightning – F-35A Weapons

When the first RAAF Joint Strike Fighters arrive in Australia in 2018, they will be capable of both air to air and air to ground combat using baseline US weapons.

Living next door to ALIS

With the first two RAAF F-35A Joint Strike Fighters now flying training missions in the US, planning is now focussed heavily on sustainment and a recent initiative has seen the establishment of a version of the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) in Australia.

New Chinooks for Army in 2015

The first of Army’s seven new Boeing CH-47F Chinook heavy lift helicopters will be delivered to the 5th Aviation Regiment in Townsville in April, several months later than originally anticipated, but the six others will be handed over by September.

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Wedgetail AEW&C now fully operational

Australia’s fleet of six E-7A Wedgetail aircraft has achieved Final Operational Capability, as announced by Defence Minister Kevin Andrews and Deputy Chief of Air Force Air Vice-Marshal Gavin Davies at Fairbairn in Canberra yesterday.