Defence Business: Highlights from ADM’s 3rd Cyber Security Summit | ADM July 2013

[Photo: David Jones]

The summit reflected a strengthened direction and resolve in Government efforts to deal with a rise in cyber attacks. However the challenges were becoming more frequent and more complex, according to the speakers. Premium

Defence Business: “A bit like a greasy pig” – the Australian Cyber Security Centre | ADM June 2013

The Federal Government leadership and systems for its Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is yet to be firmed, according to the most recent public evidence provided to Senate Estimates hearings, in February. Premium

Defence Business: NZ cyber in a state of flux | ADM June 2013

NZ is not bereft of cyber security agencies; there is the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Cyber Policy Office (NCPO). Premium

Cyber: The quest for high grade cryptographic equipment: JP 2069 | ADM May 2013

The long running project to upgrade Defence’s cryptographic capability known as JP 2069 is now scheduled to offer initial operations by “late 2014” according to the most recent advice received from the Department. Premium

Cyber: Australia’s cyber threat: where to now? | ADM May 2013

In our Kokoda Foundation report in early 2011, we called for an updated National Cyber Security Strategy together with a cyber capability plan to be developed across government and industry. The vulnerabilities inherent in cyberspace made it imperative for Australia to develop the requisite strategy, capabilities, policy, tactics, techniques, and procedures for employing the full suite of cyber operations to ensure freedom of action in cyberspace and, to the maximum extent practicable, the safety and security of Australian citizens using cyberspace. Premium

Defence Business: How Defence migrated a Petabyte of information to its new Data Centres | ADM February 2013

A petabyte (PB) indicates the fifth power to 1,000, a million gigabytes or a thousand terabytes. That’s how much data was transferred by the weekend of November 17-18, 2012 to Defence’s two commissioned data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Premium

Defence Business: Local industry offers a solution to Defence’s GPS “time bomb” | ADM February 2013

One of the most ubiquitous technologies, the global position system (GPS), that emerged last century threatens a military and civilian operations due to a fatal vulnerability, that is only now getting attention. Premium

NCW: Lockheed Martin unveils its shop of tech goodies | ADM November 2012

With the opening of its new Canberra facility this year, Lockheed Martin has begun focussing its Australian interest on ICT, already a huge part of its US business. Premium

Defence Business: Data retention proposals muddy the security reforms | ADM October 2012

One of the more competent and intelligent ministers in the present administration, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon issued for general discussion some reforms of national security legislation in July. Premium

Defence Business: Have the dogs of cyberwar been let out already? | ADM August 2012

Australia and its allies would avoid a war with another state without due cause. However a cyberwar – aggression via mainly internet offensives – is quietly on the table. Premium

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Lockheed Martin delivers MH-60R EWSS to RAN

RAN MH-60R in Owego Acoustics Bay. [Photo:Lockheed Martin]
Lockheed Martin Australia has confirmed delivery of its MH-60R electronic warfare support system to the Royal Australian Navy.