Budget: Budget 2013: swings and roundabouts | ADM June 2013

The fast jet community has been a big winner this budget. [Photo:Defence]

In a nutshell the Budget for Defence this year wasn’t all bad news. Unlike the disaster of last year, there were no drastic cuts and some of the gaps have been slightly filled. Premium

Budget: Budget: Not all woe or go | ADM June 2013

Last year, all seemed lost. The hopes and promises of the 2009 Defence White Paper had been shattered by the headlong rush to deliver a fiscal surplus. Cuts and deferrals posing as savings and efficiencies had slashed funding for Defence by more than $20 billion in the three short years since 2009. Force 2030 had gone from being a tangible goal to a half forgotten fantasy. Premium

News: Kiwi budget smoke and mirrors | ADM July 2012

It may appear prosaic at first sight, only New Zealand’s Defence Force budget for 2012/13 is especially subtle this year; arguably even a little deceptive. Premium

Budget: Movement on Future Sub thanks to funding | ADM June 2012

The Government will provide $214 million for the next stage of the Future Submarine Project, announced Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Minister for Defence Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare the week before the release of the budget. Premium

Budget: Budget 2012: Death of a 1,000 cuts | ADM June 2012

2012 is the politically magical year where the government will return to surplus. Indeed the headline figure is a $1.5 billion surplus. But cuts had to come from somewhere and Defence has most definitely played its part. Premium

Budget: Budget 2012: A thin case for optimism | ADM June 2012

Defence spending slashed by $5.5 billion … largest year-on-year cut (10 per cent) since our withdrawal from Korea in 1953 … smallest share of GDP (1.6 per cent) since the Munich Crisis of 1938. It’s all true, there’s no point pretending otherwise; Defence copped a walloping. Premium

Budget 2011: Force 2030 face perfect storm | ADM June 2011

Slashed and burned. Not only did this year’s Federal budget defer $2.4 billion of investment to beyond 2014, but the government clawed back $3.9 billion that had been promised in the 2009 White Paper from across the forthcoming decade. Premium

Budget 2011: Strategic Reform Program announcements | ADM June 2011

As mentioned earlier, only days before the budget in Canberra, ministers Smith and Clare took the opportunity to announce a range of measures under the Strategic Reform Program (SRP) umbrella. Many of the details build on the work done under the previous Kinnaird and Mortimer reviews. Premium

Budget 2011: Budget sign post to a new business environment | ADM June 2011

This year’s defence budget looks like a low-key document, but its long term implications are profound. The financial basis for budget planning has changed fundamentally: the SRP is the new source of Defence’s 3 per cent budget growth. Premium

Budget 2011: The 2011-2012 Budget: A dry exercise | ADM June 2011

While some cuts to Defence were to be expected given the government’s promise to return to surplus next financial year (an election year), the cuts were larger than many had anticipated. But there is some light in the finer detail. Premium

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Lockheed Martin delivers MH-60R EWSS to RAN

RAN MH-60R in Owego Acoustics Bay. [Photo:Lockheed Martin]
Lockheed Martin Australia has confirmed delivery of its MH-60R electronic warfare support system to the Royal Australian Navy.