Defence Business: SME Spotlight

The QuintessenceLabs "qProtect" encrypts storage devices with a truly random number encryption key, making them essentially impervious to unauthorised attempts at data retrieval. Credit: Quintessence

When specialists at Canberra’s QuintessenceLabs sought a means of generating the Holy Grail of encryption, the “true random number” key, they found no earthly solution that would deliver the quality and performance they needed.
So they looked to space instead.


Defence Business: View from Canberra

When it comes to various modelling scenarios about how the JSF will perform against potential threats, the results are usually not great. But recent experience might well be turning that tide.


Infrastructure: Understanding BIM - It's not a product

The use of Building Information Modelling, or BIM, in the design and construction of Defence infrastructure is not only strongly encouraged at the present time, together with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology, it is due to be mandated for future contracts from 2016.


Defence Business: SME Spotlight - Tectonica

A soldier with a BANTAM power management and distribution system from Tectonica Credit: Tectonica

In 2004 Melbourne systems integration firm Tectonica started a Defence Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD) project to develop a small engine-driven diesel generator to provide soldiers or sections with portable power.

Defence Business: Austal bucking the Australian shipbuilding trend

The littoral combat ship Independence (LCS-2) underway during builder's trials. Builder's trials are the first opportunity for the shipbuilder and the U.S. Navy to operate the ship underway, and provide an opportunity to test and correct issues before acceptance trials. (Photo courtesy Dennis Griggs General Dynamics/Released)

At a time in which most Australian naval shipbuilders are facing an uncertain future, Austal is the shining exception. Premium


HMAS Perth departs Fleet Base West on April 30 2015 to begin a three month deployment to South East Asian and Australian waters. Credit: Defence

Australia’s Chief of Navy has spoken out against China’s controversial land reclamation projects on disputed islands in the South China Sea. Vice Admiral Tim Barrett also reaffirmed Australia’s commitment to regional security and outlined the part the Royal Australian Navy can play in regional maritime cooperation. Premium

Codan: winning on the international HF battlefield

Codan’s portable Envoy has brought digital architecture to High Frequency (HF) communications, allowing transmission of voice and data from virtually anywhere in the world with no installed infrastructure.

For Codan’s Paul McCarter, two years leading the company’s Radio Communications division has been nothing if not stimulating. He’s helped revive high frequency communication as a technology for the future, created a digital communications “skunk works” on two continents and thrown the company’s newest product off the roof. Premium

Logistic Solutions Australasia offers enhanced ILS capability

Australian SME and integrated logistics support specialist Logistic Solutions Australasia (LSA) has been acquired by German-based Rheinmetall Technical Publications (RTP) and, as a result, is offering enhanced services to both Defence and industry. Premium

Training of Military Soldiers in Construction

A building construction site in Sydney and a military operation overseas would not seem to have much in common at first glance.

Printing our way into the future

3D printing still sounds like something that belongs in the future. But it is firmly in the now, with many companies and industries taking advantage of the growing technology. Phillip Smart looks at how the innovative process is being used and where it could be applied in the Defence context.

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Sea 1000 CEP responses in the box

HMAS Rankin returns home to Fleet Base West after a 6 month deployment overseas. Credit: Defence
Today is November 30, 2015 and that means that all the responses to the Commonwealth’s Competitive Evaluation Process (CEP) are due in.