SME Spotlight: Codarra

Testing various electrical loads on the C-130 fleet was how Codarra got started. Credit: Defence

Codarra began as a ‘pretty sure I can do it better’ idea from two Defence industry guys. Almost 30 years later, they’re still right.

SME Spotlight: Norship knows their ships

Aerial shot of the shipyard in Cairns. Credit: Norship Marine

While the Australian shipbuilding debate has centred on traditional centres Norship Marine business development executive Graham Wharton believes there are at least two north Australian cities missing.

SME Spotlight: Prism Defence

Preparing to land on the 72m-long Royal Swedish Navy's Visby corvette.
Credit: Prism Defence

Bad weather shipboard helicopter operations could almost be the poster child for sensory overload.

Northrop Grumman expands local footprint

USN PMA program manager Capt Jeff Dodge with an MQ-8C Fire Scout variant at Pax River. Credit: ADM Katherine Ziesing

With a number of major Defence capability acquisition contracts up for grabs in the near future and the recent awarding of a major F-35 sustainment contract, Northrop Grumman Australia is looking to double its local workforce by 2020.

SME Spotlight: Orbital - Little engines with big plans

Insitu's ScanEagle UAV is a small, long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle that can be launched from land or sea platforms. Credit: Defence

In December 2016 Perth-based Orbital Corporation announced it had signed an agreement to provide engines for Boeing’s Insitu UAV division, maker of

the ScanEagle UAV.

SME Spotlight: It's an Air Affair

An Air Affairs Phoenix target drone shortly after launch. Credit: Air Affairs Australia

Since signing the Jet Aircraft Support Contract in 2015 for ADF training support tasks including Aerial Target Towing, Air Affairs Australia has been experiencing a period of exponential growth.

SME Spotlight: Milskil, a key enabler

A Milskil team member works side by side with Flight Lieutenant Edwin Borrman of No.3 Squadron in the Classic Hornet simulator. Credit: Defence

When Milskil founder and CEO John Lonergan first floated the idea of civil instructors joining the ADF’s elite Hornet operational training team in 2002, he saw it as a win-win all round.

TAE cuts Abrams engine overhaul times

TAE has the maintenance contract for Army's M1A1 Abrams MBT turbine engine, the AGT1500. Credit: TAE

TAE Gas Turbines have recently delivered the first Abrams tank engine back to the Army after undergoing a major overhaul in its facility at RAAF Base Amberley.

Lockheed Martin showcases US innovation program

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works Palmdale facility entrance. Credit: Lockheed Martin

Some 100 high security buildings providing three million sq ft of floor space in the high desert northeast of Los Angeles house Lockheed Martin's famed Skunk Works, a facility where, according to one executive, “anything that you can imagine, we're already working on”.

Improving negotiated outcomes on Defence projects

When Defence and defence industry meet at the negotiating table the playing field hasn’t always been a level one. ADM spoke with those working to improve the negotiated value of outcomes on Defence projects – for both sides of the table.

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LHD Canberra pod trial results clear as investigation continues

Visible here as the ship was prepared for re-floating following delivery from Spain is the Canberra's port azimuth propulsion pod. Credit: Anonymous
A Defence spokesperson has responded to ADM questions regarding the outcome of propulsion pod trials conducted on LHD HMAS Canberra recently.