NT: Exercise Koolendong 2014 - Outback Assault | ADM October 2014

Marine Rotational Force – Darwin (MRF-D) is the deployment of US Marines to Darwin, NT for a six-month rotational period each year, coinciding with the end and onset of the wet season at the Top End. Premium

Land Forces 2014: Building on Beersheba | ADM September 2014

With Army’s transformation plan for the future now deep into its implementation, a great deal of thought is being given to what comes next. To find out more, ADM recently spoke with Brigadier Mick Ryan, Director Strategic Plans - Army. Premium

Land Forces 2014: Are pieces still missing from the L400 jigsaw puzzle? | ADM September 2014

In a previous article we questioned the relevance of acquiring L400 land combat vehicle systems with capabilities honed for contemporary rather than future warfare. Premium

Land Forces 2014: Hard-kill Active Protection Systems | ADM September 2014

The Australian Defence Force will buy hundreds of armoured vehicles over the coming years, under the Land 400 program, but although these vehicles will offer protection from small arms fire what will protect them against other threats, such as rocket-propelled grenades (RPG)? Premium

Land Forces 2014: Army’s new trucks on the way | ADM September 2014

The first tangible evidence that the 2,500 protected and unprotected medium and heavy trucks contracted for the ADF under the painfully protracted progress of Project Land 121 Phase 3B are on their way to Australia will appear in mid-2015 with the arrival of a number of vehicles for verification purposes. Premium

Land Forces 2014: Automatic grenade launcher requirement retendered | ADM September 2014

Defence’s previous attempt to acquire a Lightweight Automatic Grenade Launcher system soured after extended contract negotiations with the preferred tenderer were terminated. Now seven years later, there’s a hurry-on to acquire even more of them. Premium

Land Forces 2014: Army’s new F90 assault rifle | ADM September 2014

Army’s provisional design acceptance of Thales Australia’s F90 assault rifle and integrated grenade launcher means Second Pass approval is on track for June 2015. Premium

Land Forces 2014: Victoria – Australia’s Driving Force in Military Vehicle Capabilities | ADM September 2014

The Commonwealth Government is facing important decisions on the most ambitious procurement program for the Australian Army, Land 400 - the choice of future combat vehicles to carry our troops safely in, through and out of battle zones. Premium

Defence Business: Further concerns for local munitions manufacturing | ADM August 2014


Uncertainty over the future of munitions and propellant manufacture in Australian has been compounded by delay and lack of government direction. Unions, Industry and Departmental stakeholders are all concerned with the lack of government responsiveness. Premium

Land Surveillance: JP129 – Surveillance in the Land domain post-Afghanistan | ADM July 2014

Although the ADF’s UAV operations in Afghanistan were officially completed at the end of June, upgrades are in the pipeline for Army’s 18 Shadow RQ-7B Shadow 200 Tactical UAVs (TUAVs) and options for palm-sized micro-UAVs to equip infantry combat teams are being assessed. Premium

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Patria sells its Space unit to RUAG

Patria and RUAG have announced an agreement for the sale of Patria's Space unit to become part of RUAG's Space division.