Land Surveillance: JP129 – Surveillance in the Land domain post-Afghanistan | ADM July 2014

Although the ADF’s UAV operations in Afghanistan were officially completed at the end of June, upgrades are in the pipeline for Army’s 18 Shadow RQ-7B Shadow 200 Tactical UAVs (TUAVs) and options for palm-sized micro-UAVs to equip infantry combat teams are being assessed. Premium

ADF Weapons: Land 19 Phase 7B – Future ground based air defence | ADM July 2014

The next Defence Capability Plan, due to be released towards the middle of 2015 is expected to shed light on the future ground based air defence (GBAD) capability requirements of the ADF. Premium

Combat Capability: Critical mass for battlespace communications | ADM June 2014

Late last year Harris delivered the 10,000th digital tactical radio under Phase 2A of JP2072 and now there are more digital radios in the fleet than legacy radios. Premium

Combat Capability: Positioning for Australia’s largest Land program | ADM June 2014

South Australia and Victoria are competing to house the $10 billion Land 400 military vehicle production program, and are understandably spruiking their suitability to prime contractors and defence. Premium

Land Warfare: The challenge with Land 400 | ADM April 2014

How will soon-to-be-selected land combat vehicles, designed for today’s concepts of conventional war, fare against extreme future warfare threats, which have yet to be determined? That’s the problem. Premium

Land Warfare: Hawkei RFT nears | ADM April 2014

A satisfactory outcome to the risk reduction activity now underway on Hawkei prototypes may see a Request for Tender (RFT) for the Manufactured and Supported in Australia (MSA) option of Land 121 Phase 4 issued to Thales Australia later this year. Premium

Land Warfare : DMMA & ATK update | ADM April 2014

If size and experience are important, the Alliant Techsystems-NIOA bid for the manufacture and supply to the ADF of domestically-produced munitions, explosives and propellants will receive careful consideration – but not just yet. Premium

Defence Business: Army training - From Afghanistan to the sea | ADM February 2014

With the ADF’s combat role in Afghanistan at an end and Army’s force preparation now focused on contingencies rather than current operations, fresh emphasis has been placed on the development of amphibious capability. Premium

Defence Business: Defence in the North | ADM December 2013/Janaury 2014

The inaugural ADM Northern Australia Defence Summit in late October 2013 attracted 140 registered delegates and representatives from across Defence, government and industry. Premium

Project Review: Land 155: Bridging the gap in more ways than one | ADM December 2013/Janaury 2014

Land 155 Phase 1 is seeking to procure Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) combat bridges to provide Land Forces with the ability to cross a range of wet and dry gaps in support of combat operations, including the capability to tackle complex physical terrain features such as rivers, ravines and other natural and man made gaps. Premium

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WA Government to address the Northern Australia Defence Summit

The ADM are delighted to announce the participation of John O'Hare at the Northern Australia Defence Summit (15-16 October) in Darwin.