Sea Power: The Italian Job - Fincantieri's proposal for Sea 5000

The general purpose variant Carlo Bergamini, lead ship of the FREMM class in Italian Marina Militare service. Credit: Fabius1975 licensed under Public Domain via Commons

Fincantieri's proposal for the Sea 5000 Future Frigate is based upon the Italian version of the European FREMM.

Defence Business: A French connection for Australia

The nuclear-powered attack class submarine Barracuda under construction for the French Navy. The large white box in at top right contains the sealed nuclear section of the boat. Credit: DCNS Group

DCNS Australia might be a new entity on the Australian Defence Industry landscape but they have big plans for the local market. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing explored two of their upcoming offerings into the ADF on a recent trip to France; the Shortfin Barracuda for Sea 1000 and the FREMM for Sea 5000.

Project Review: Maritime - Biggest naval recapitalisation program in a generation

Credit: Defence

With the RAN on the cusp of recapitalising its fleet at a greater tempo than at any time since WWII, major maritime capability programs are inevitably focusing on naval shipbuilding.


Sea Power: The Aegis Evolution

Credit: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has been the US Navy’s Aegis combat system engineering agent for the past 40 years. During this time, they have managed the entire Aegis lifecycle from concept through lifetime support and sustainment; everything from cradle to grave.


Sea Power: What Navy is up to on the unmanned front

The Army has had great success with ScanEagle and the Navy is looking at the system. Credit: USN

From the small tactical end of the market to the larger helicopter based platforms, the Navy has a range of options available based on their requirements. Premium

Sea Power: Operational risk profiling

HMAS Sirius is to be replaced under Sea 1654 Phase 3.

With the upcoming replacement of HMA Ships Sirius and Success, it is important to consider the previous issues and challenges encountered in Defence acquisition and sustainment projects.


Sea Power: Strategy - Setting the Scene

HMAS Stuart's White ensign in the foreground of the Japanese International Fleet Review conducted in November 2015. Credit: Defence

The Navy and the Australian naval shipbuilding industry look like being big winners in the Defence White Paper. The government has already announced a continuous build of major and minor surface ships which, among other things, almost guarantees an increase in the number of hulls – and not just this time around, but in perpetuity.


Sea Power: Shipbuilding - applying lessons learned

Credit: Defence

In considering the future shape of Australian naval shipbuilding it’s worthwhile to recall the adage that those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it.


Sea Power: Manufacturing matters more than ever

Credit: ATEC

Manufacturing drives innovation and technological change, accounting for a quarter of Australia’s private sector R&D expenditure.


Sea Power: Tasmanian companies on the front foot

LSA slides and 100 person liferafts fitted on Royal navy Fleet Auxiliary Argus. Credit: LSA

Innovative maritime products continue to flow from Tasmanian companies; in several instances winning greater attention from foreign navies than from the RAN.


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