Pacific: RAN ships: Build it and they will come | ADM October 2013

Over the coming two decades, Navy and the DMO have an impressive shipbuilding task ahead of them. At a glance the list is patrol boats, Future Frigates, oilers and replenishment, landing craft, submarines and a possible OCV type vessel. Works for each of these programs are at different stages but there is still much to be done on all fronts. Premium

Pacific: Industry looks to Sea 5000 | ADM October 2013

Although Australia’s Future Frigate (Sea 5000) program is still at the requirements definition stage, there’s no discernible shortage of debate on capability and construction issues, or of lobbying to press the merits of individual platforms and systems. Premium

Pacific: Post Patrol Boat – the future of Sea 1180? | ADM October 2013

The announcement that the next generation of patrol boats for Navy will be fast-tracked has now thrown somewhat of a question-mark over project Sea 1180, which was to deliver a modular solution for three types of vessel: Patrol boats, mine warfare ships and hydrographic survey vessels. Premium

Pacific: One year on: how batch maintenance is working for Anzacs | ADM October 2013

NSM, a 50-50 joint venture (JV) between Babcock Australia and UGL Infrastructure (UGL), was awarded the $300 million Anzac Major Fleet Unit Group Maintenance Contract in May last year. Two weeks later DMO asked if the critical Phase-In period could be cut from eight to five months. Premium

Pacific: All about the timing – Patrol Boat build to be accelerated | ADM October 2013

The announcement in the 2013 Defence White Paper that Navy’s Armidale Patrol Boat replacement program will be fast-tracked has been widely received by industry as a logical step, particularly given the increased efforts to keep the existing boats at sea for much more time than originally envisaged. Premium

Pacific: Deployable MCM capability for RAN task groups | ADM October 2013

Operating in the littoral environmental requires a number of complementary technologies and practices for the ADF. Premium

Pacific: LHD leads the simulation way ahead | ADM October 2013

There is a balance of paperless, simulated and emulated learning tools at the Mascot site.

As part of the logistics and training behind the LHD capability, BAE Systems Australia are preparing RAN crews for their time aboard HMA Ships Canberra and Adelaide. Premium

Embed: A boost for HMA Ships Sydney and Perth | ADM September 2013

The skills needed to operate future RAN task groups have been boosted by recent deployments of what are arguably the RAN’s two most capable surface combat assets, the guided missile frigate HMAS Sydney and the upgraded Anzac class frigate HMAS Perth. Premium

DSEI: AUS/UK Treaty provides over-arching strategic framework | ADM September 2013

There is a good chance that the UK and Australia will work together on elements of the Collins Class replacement program under Sea 1000. [Photo:Defence]

With the elevation to Treaty level of the Australia-UK bilateral defence and security relationship, fresh impetus has been given to the possibility of renewed collaboration in defence procurement between Australia and the UK. Premium

Underwater Technology: Navy use of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) in the future | ADM August 2013

The Protector from Rafael is designed for harbour surveillance and has been in service with both Israel and Singapore.

The use of unmanned vehicles on land, sea and in the air is on the increase with defence forces around the world and although aerial vehicles tend to capture the spotlight, unmanned platforms are displaying huge potential in the other two domains. Premium

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Lockheed Martin delivers MH-60R EWSS to RAN

RAN MH-60R in Owego Acoustics Bay. [Photo:Lockheed Martin]
Lockheed Martin Australia has confirmed delivery of its MH-60R electronic warfare support system to the Royal Australian Navy.