Simulation and training: Land 400’s simulation needs | ADM August 2013

What will the simulated environment look like for Land 400?

Will the simulation requirements for Land 400, and its promise to introduce a mounted close combat capability as a major component of the Combined Arms Fighting System (CAFS), meet Army’s aspirations for an all-embracing synthetic environment? Premium

Simulation and training: Making simulation work across Defence | ADM August 2013

Simulation means different things to different people. Simulation in Defence has always been a many-headed beast. It means different things to different people from full motion flight simulators to decision support with experimentation and modelling technologies, high level single-Service/joint training and everything else in between. Premium

Defence Business: SimTect grows along with simulation capabilities | ADM August 2012

Sixteen years on, SimTecT, Simulation Australia’s annual conference and exhibition, continues to grow in both popularity and breadth, with more than 600 delegates and 50 exhibitor booths gracing this year’s event in Adelaide. Premium

News: Sub sim support signed | ADM July 2012

Thales Australia has signed a contract with the Defence Materiel Organisation to upgrade the Collins Submarine Platform Training Simulator (PTS). Premium

Simulation: Seeking simulation stimulation | ADM June 2012

Simulation is arguably the fastest growing technology within the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) with all three services acquiring a variety of simulation systems to enhance training, sustain proficiency and achieve cost effectiveness. Premium

Simulation: Simulation and CDG | ADM June 2012

Simulation and modelling are vital enablers for Capability Development Group (CDG), which draws on the resources of the Joint Decision Support and Simulation Centre (JDSC), the Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation program (RPDE), and the Defence Science and Technology organisation (DSTO) for activities ranging from Future Soldier experimentation to preparation of the Defence Capability Plan (DCP). Premium

Simulation: Army: aiming to institutionalise simulation | ADM June 2012

Already a leader in the use of simulation for training, including mission rehearsal and mission-specific training, the ever-adaptive Army is on the road to institutionalising simulation, garnering its many other benefits in such diverse areas as operational planning, decision making, concept evaluation, and modelling for options assessment. Premium

Simulation: Simulating a real success on the LHDs | ADM June 2012

There will only be two LHD ships. With that in mind, the necessary training for all the crews, both permanent and occasional, will need to use land-based methods of training to maximise their knowledge before going on the ships themselves. Simulation, modelling and experimentation have a huge role to play for both Army and Navy. Premium

News: Immerse yourself | ADM June 2012

With an ever increasing demand for simulation in the defence force, Brisbane based company Immersaview, has shown off its latest suite of technology. Premium

CAE announces Pro Line 21 training in Australia

CAE will set up a new 5000 Series full-flight simulator in Melbourne in next year.

CAE announced that it will deploy a new CAE 5000 Series full-flight simulator (FFS) in Melbourne in the first half of 2012 for training pilots and maintenance technicians. Premium

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WA Government to address the Northern Australia Defence Summit

The ADM are delighted to announce the participation of John O'Hare at the Northern Australia Defence Summit (15-16 October) in Darwin.