RUSI Sub Summit highlights

With industry still unsure on how the competitive evaluation process will work in practical terms, the RUSI-hosted Sub Summit in Adelaide was a timely opportunity to bring together an interesting array of speakers on the process and options being put forward. Premium

Undersea Technology: The combat system that Collins didn’t get | ADM August 2014

At the 2001 Defence + Industry Conference in Canberra, there was an expectation that Defence would announce the results of the competition for the supply of a new combat system for the Collins-class submarines. The choice lay between the ISUS90-55, offered by STN Atlas and its Australian partners, and the Raytheon CCS Mk.2, in service with the US Navy. Premium

Combat Capability: Choosing the Sea 1000 submarine – where to from here? | ADM June 2014

By far the most dramatic moment at ASPI’s two-day “The Submarine Choice” conference came in its closing minutes, with an extraordinary verbal stoush between the chairman of German submarine constructor Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS), and a retired Swedish Rear Admiral. Premium

Defence Business: SAAB weighs up Future Submarine | ADM May 2014

[Photo:US Navy]

Another option for Australia’s SEA 1000 Future Submarine program has become clear in very recent times, with the news that SAAB has been directed by the Swedish government to explore the possibility of creating a submarine design and construction capability. Premium

Defence Business: Defining the future submarine | ADM April 2014

Stealth is the single most important factor in the philosophy and broad issues guiding the development of Australia’s Future Submarine, key decisions on which need to be made within 18 months, David Gould, general manager Submarines at the DMO, told the ADM Congress. Premium

Sea Power: SMEs getting ready for the Future Submarine | ADM March 2014

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with an ambition to join the Sea 1000 Collins submarine replacement project are in a waiting game that may yet have years to run. Premium

Projects: SIA looks at the technology side of submarines | ADM December 2013/Janaury 2014

As awareness and debate on the importance and complexity of submarine capability has grown within defence and industry circles, so too has the size and scope of Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) conferences. Premium

Pacific: Land based test site for Future Submarine | ADM October 2013

At the end of 2012, then Minister for Defence Stephen Smith and then Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare announced a new facility for testing submarine systems, including propulsion, energy and integration technology, would be based in Adelaide. Fast forward and industry is helping the Sea 1000 program office bring the facility requirements together. Premium

Underwater Technology: Submarine rescue to say goodbye to Remora? | ADM August 2013

The LRS from James Fisher Defence has been an excellent replacement capability.

The future of the RAN’s trouble-prone Remora submarine rescue vessel will be determined in the near future, with strong indications that its return to service is unlikely given the success to date of Navy’s current contractor-provided submarine escape and rescue capability. Premium

Sea Power: Girls own adventure: 24 hours on HMAS Sheean | ADM April 2013

The relative luxury of sleeping in the weapons bay. [Photo: Katherine Ziesing]

I wouldn’t normally write something like this for ADM but I thought the experience had to be shared. I was lucky enough to spend 24 hours on board HMAS Sheean with a shattered crew who had just finished their return to service trials. Premium

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SM-2 missile explodes on launch, damages US destroyer

USS The Sullivans was damaged by an explosion of a Raytheon SM-2 Block IIIA missile during a test launch. Credit: USN/USNI
A Navy guided missile destroyer was damaged after a missile exploded shortly after launch during an exercise off the US Atlantic coast.