Austal's ex-Hawaian superferries to move Marines from Okinawa

The MV Alakai will be used to transport US Marines from Okinawa.

The US Navy will spend US$70 million to transfer and modify two high-speed ferries to support moving 880 Marines from Okinawa, Japan. Premium

BAE Systems reviews shipbuilding business

Some reports say that there is only a few years work left at Portsmouth.

BAE Systems is reviewing its warship business, raising fears of job losses at sites including its historic Portsmouth dockyard. Premium

France to lay down first Mistral for Russia next month

The modified Mistral class amphibious assault ships destined for Russia are now up for resale.

The first Mistral class amphibious assault ship for Russia will be laid down at the start of February in a French shipyard, a military industry official told RIA Novosti on Tuesday. Premium

NATO tanks aim at wider target set with smoothbore ammunition

NATO force are retaining tanks in Afgahnistan as part of their ground forces' future combined-arms team line-ups.

As their combat commitments to Afghanistan draw down, NATO countries are reshaping their forces to meet anticipated combat capability requirements in future 'hybrid' or major combat operations. Premium

Taiwan election result implications

Taiwanese President Ma Ying Jeou, was re-elected to office on January 14.

Leaders in Washington, Beijing and Canberra breathed a quiet sigh of relief when Taiwanese President Ma Ying Jeou was elected for a second term on January 14. Premium

Intelligence agencies costs soar

According to the "Independent Review of the Intelligence Community" Australia has seen a dramatic expansion of its intelligence agencies over the past 10 years. Premium

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Iraq - more than just a matter of training

Back in 2003 the government dispatched a small team of soldiers to help train the Iraqi military, a massive job considering the US administration in Baghdad had unilaterally abolished Saddam’s army as irremediably compromised by Baathism.