JSF timeline and cost debate continues

Australian concerns about when the Joint Strike Fighter will attain Initial Operating Capability in US service were apparent at a meeting of the JSF Executive Steering Board in Sydney on March 15. Premium

Frazer Nash completes CBRN project

Frazer-Nash was responsible for producing a Functional Performance Specification which sets out the necessary performance needed by all military capabilities related to CBRN defence.

Frazer-Nash has completed a contract to provide requirements engineering support for JP2110, which seeks to increase protection of personnel from toxic, chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threats. Premium

Cyber lab opened in Canberra

Lockheed Martin's NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center in the US.

Lockheed Martin's $10 million NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Centre was officially opened in Canberra this week by LM's vice president of Information Systems and Global Services, Linda Gooden. Premium

ADF Shadow 200 TUAV capabilities

The RQ-7B Shadow 200 Tactical UAV.

Under JP129 Phase 2, the Army is currently fielding the RQ-7B Shadow 200 Tactical UAV at Tarin Kot in Afghanistan as a replacement for the very successful Insitu ScanEagle system. Premium

AUTRY on Shadow 200 TUAV?

A possible platform for AUTRY is the Shadow 200.

AUTRY is a tactical radio repeater, designed to extend tactical communications beyond the limitations of LOS, allowing operations in mountainous terrain and canyon areas. Premium

DSTO assesses AN/AAR-60 Missile Launch Detection System

The Cassadian AN/AAR-60 missile launch detection system warns of attack by detecting ultraviolet light given off by a missile’s rocket motor.

The Cassadian AN/AAR-60 missile launch detection system fitted on ADF aircraft, including AP-3C, MRH-90 and CH-47, warns of attack by detecting ultraviolet light given off by a missile's rocket motor. Premium

Improved radar absorbing coat for Collins subs

A Collins Class submarine

DSTO is replacing internationally sourced radar absorbers on the Collins submarines that DSTO maritime platforms researcher Dr Andrew Amiet says proved to be less optimal. Premium

Aussie participation in F-105 launch

The Cristobal Colon incorporates a number of enhancements that are included in the configuration of the Australian AWDs. Credit: Armada Espanola

The first sea trials of Navantia's F-105 frigate Cristóbal Colón are now underway off the northwest coast of Spain close to the Ferrol estuary. Premium

Increased mobility from new body armour

An American soldier wearing a new Improved Outer Tactical Vest.

BAE Systems (US) has been awarded a four-year US Defense Logistics Agency contract to produce tactical vests equipped with soft body armour for men and women of the armed services. Premium

UKMOD contract extension for Saab’s C-IED training

CIED Training has become a major part of any military training.

Saab has signed a two year extension, worth £11 million, for the Collective Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Trainer (CCT) managed service from the UK Ministry of Defence. Premium

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Defence Infrastructure chief speaks at ADM Summit

The Deputy Secretary spoke at ADM's Defence Estate and Base Services Summit. Credit ADM Patrick Durrant
The Deputy Secretary of the Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG) spoke at ADM's recent Defence Estate and Base Services Summit.