Major ADF payload on Intelsat's newest satellite

The launch of the IS-22 satellite in Kazakhstan this week.

With the launch this week of Intelsat's newest satellite, IS-22, the ADF will enjoy virtually limitless UHF satellite communications in the MEAO from the satellite's payload. Premium

ADF to tailor IS-22 system to operational scenarios

A UHF Comms Monitoring System and an In-Orbit Testing system are aboard the ADF's new satellite.

In addition to the UHF hosted payload Intelsat is also providing the ADF with a UHF Comms Monitoring System and an In-Orbit Testing system. Premium

Delivering the goods: the ADF's future battlefield airlifter

What does the ADF need more of, C-27Js or C-295s?

There's recently been a flurry of activity as Airbus has attempted to sell the virtues of its C-295 aircraft for the ADF's future battlefield airlifter. Premium

Cocos Islands as US base?

The Global Hawks could find a home on the Cocos Islands.

The Washington Post reported this week that the US was eyeing the Cocos Islands, as ‘‘an ideal site not only for manned US surveillance aircraft but for Global Hawks". Premium

Choules conducts first amphibious exercises

HMAS Choules undertaking amphibious exercises off North Queensland.

The Royal Australian Navy’s new Bay-class dock landing ship has passed its first capability test after three weeks of amphibious exercises off North Queensland. Premium

Contender for SEA 1180 design?

The French naval vessel, L'Adroit.

On March 19, the French Navy commissioned the experimental patrol vessel L'Adroit, fitted with a significant number of technical innovations for a three-year trial period. Premium

Pentagon wants to test before buying

The Pentagon wants a "try before you buy" on new defence procurements.

The Pentagon is asking Congress for new authority enabling a key defense agency to inspect or test critical items prior to the award of procurement contracts. Premium

Russia offers closed-cycle sub technology to India

An Amur 1650 class submarine

Russia has offered to help India build air-independent propulsion systems for installation in Amur 1650 class submarines and also to equip future possible joint Indian-Russian built vessels Premium

USN progresses program to arm Fire Scout

A Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout unmannded helicopter.

The US Navy has conducted a series of land-based hardware trials to gauge how an armed MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned helicopter would operate in a shipborne environment. Premium

Babcock’s £350m sub refit contract

The Vanguard class submarine, HMS Vengence.

Babcock has been awarded a contract by the MoD for a £350 million, three-and-a-half year refit of the Trident missile carrying submarine HMS Vengeance. Premium

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