RAAF to get 10 C-27Js

The Government has agreed to buy 10 C-27J Battlefield Airlifters.

Stephen Smith and Jason Clare announced at the 2012 Air Power Conference that the Government has agreed to purchase 10 Alenia C-27J Spartan Battlefield Airlift aircraft. Premium

Defence Budget 2012/13: Project deferrals underpin spending cuts

The Joint Strike Fighter has been one Defence project that has been put on hold thanks to the Budget.

Of the 180 programs that were outlined in the 2009-2019 DCP, the budget this year has seen ten removed, as part of the cuts to the Defence budget of $5.454 billion over four years. Premium

Defence Budget 2012/13: Infrastructure Plan continues

Defence infrastructure spending has taken a $1.2 billion hit over the coming four years.

While defence infrastructure spending has taken a $1.2 billion hit over the coming four years, there are still plenty of projects on the go and still to be approved. Premium

The Defence White Paper is dead: Long live the White Paper

This years budget will push the delivery of capabilities back including the future Submarines.

Had the government not announced that a new Defence White Paper was in the offing sooner rather than later, last night's budget would have come as a shock. Premium

Second AEHF communications satellite launched

The Atlas V rocket which launched the second Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF-2) military communication satellite.

The second Advanced Extremely High Frequency military communication satellite, built by Lockheed Martin was successfully launched last week aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. Premium

Will PIC Innovation replace DSTO's CTD program?

The CEAFAR Phased Array Radar is a Priority Industry Capability.

News that Round 16 of the Capability Technology Demonstrator program has been cancelled and no word about its future suggests that it may be replaced by the PIC Innovation program. Premium

Austal CEO visits Terma

Scuttlebutt that Austal CEO Andrew Bellamy, visited Terma last month to talk about future opportunities suggest that Austal is looking seriously at the future Sea 1180 Offshore Combatant Vessel requirement. Premium

Guided munition for Shadow 200

A Shadow 200 UAS

While the Shadow 200 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) provides support through its intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition capabilities, it lacks a strike capability. Premium

G-BAD systems in Olympic security tests

Air missile defence systems make up part of London's Olympic security plan.

Testing of air defence missile systems as part of the Olympic Games security plan began May 3 at sites across London. Premium

US Army prepares for 'non-developmental' GCV assessment

The new Ground Combat Vehicle is designed to replace the Bradley in service by 2017.

The US Army is preparing to conduct an operational assessment on a small number of non-developmental vehicles that could serve as alternatives to its Ground Combat Vehicle program. Premium

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