Defence Week Premium 210 Tenders and Downloads

The latest round of Defence Tenders have been released and can be downloaded as a PDF here. Also if you would prefer to read DWP as a PDF Newsletter you can download it here. Premium

US Navy's first Triton BAMS unveiled

Based on the USAF’s RQ-4B Global Hawk, the Triton air vehicle sensors are based on components and systems in the Pentagon inventory.

Northrop Grumman unveiled the first of some 68 US Navy BAMS UAS. Premium

P-8 visits Canberra

The P8-A which is the follow on aircraft for the P3-Orion has about 70 per cent commonality with the commercial 737.

The USN took the opportunity to bring the P-8 over to Canberra for a day trip before heading home. Premium

Good news for Aussie NSM supporters

This missile will feature an option for ground strike and a two-way communications line, so that the missile can communicate with the central control room or other missiles in the air.

Norway has commenced the largest public procurement project in its history with an order for the first F-35A Lightning II for the Norwegian Armed Forces. Premium

Saab reaps orders for Carl-Gustaf weapons and ammo

Australia is the first country to use both the weapon and sight as an integrated weapon system providing an effective firepower and night fighting capability.

Saab has been awarded a contract by the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) for the supply of additional ammunition for 84mm Carl-Gustaf M3 weapon systems. Premium

Defect sends HMAS Choules back to port

A defect occurred on one of the six transformers reducing the ship’s propulsion power by 50 per cent.

The recently acquired ex-RN RFA Largs Bay now known as HMAS Choules has suffered a defect which has caused her to return to Sydney. Premium

Changing helicopter crash simulation

Crash testing for aircrafts is prohibitively expensive except in very specific cases, so simulations are needed to optimise designs.

A method of simulating critical helicopter crashes could lead to improved vehicle design and pilot response training to minimise occupant injury. Premium

First GDLS Foxhounds (nee FP Ocelots) in Afghanistan

Foxhound will make it easier for soldiers to engage with Afghan National Security Forces and the local Afghan population.

The first of the Force Protection Ocelots have arrived in Afghanistan where they are currently undergoing final testing. Premium

Contract to RR for UK nuclear sub reactors

The Astute Class vessels are the largest, most advanced, and most powerful attack submarines ever operated by the Royal Navy.

The UK Ministry of Defence has secured a supplier to produce new reactor cores for the Royal Navy's nuclear submarines. Premium

US Marines prefer L-CAT to air cushion SSC

The Navy’s acquisition directorate is defending procurement plans for the Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) program despite program delays.

The US Navy has decided to replace its fleet of air cushion amphibious landing craft (LCAC) with a broadly similar design under the Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) program. Premium

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From the Source: CEO Naval Group Australia Brent Clark

Credit: Naval Group

The Future Submarine is Defence’s biggest and most complex acquisition program to date with the Commonwealth choosing France’s Naval Group as their international partner for the design and build program. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing caught up with Naval Group Australia CEO Brent Clark to have a look at how the program is progressing in its early stages.