BAE joins Raytheon in DDR project

It is anticipated that the BAE Systems designed modules will be in operation in DDR Ground Stations when the system is fielded in late 2014.

BAE Systems has been selected by Raytheon to help develop the US Air Force's Dismount Detection Radar. Premium

Defence Week Premium 224 PDF versions

The full version of Defence Week Premium no.224 of 27 September 2012 can be downloaded here as a PDF. A separate PDF of the latest Defence tenders can also be downloaded here. Premium

ADM exclusive: Only 6 Growlers for RAAF to begin

Only half of the 12 F/A-18F Super Hornet strike fighters will be converted.

Only half of the 12 RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet strike fighters destined for the EA-18G Growler electronic attack role at an estimated cost of $1.5 billion will be converted to the new configuration initially. Premium

Hypersonic flight's promising progress

The test vehicle reached an apogee of 350 km and then achieved speeds of up to Mach 8 on descent in the experimental band which was from 20.5 km to 32 km in altitude.

Defence Science and Technology Organisation scientists have successfully conducted a test flight of an experimental hypersonic vehicle at the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway. Premium

Win for BAE Systems on Aussie JSF integration

Under the nine month contract BAE Systems will work closely with the Australian Defence Force and NACC to develop a model that outlines all requirements for JSF operations and sustainment including maintenance, supply, training needs and fleet asset management.

BAE Systems Australia has been awarded a contract from the New Air Combat Capability Program to develop an operational model to integrate the Joint Strike Fighter into the Australian Defence Environment.

Canberra college students show off UAV to RPDE

Students from Dickson College visited the Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation Canberra office.

On Friday 14th September 2012 a group of talented students from Dickson College visited the Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation Canberra office to show off their latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design. Premium

Sentient's Desert Owl offers two detection capabilities

The Desert Owl software.

Desert Owl is a software application that detects and alerts operators to movements or changes occurring in a field of operations. Premium

DMO posts for industry: King at AIDN

Warren King has announced that the Defence Materiel Organisation will shortly offer project management roles to industry.

The Defence Materiel Organisation will shortly offer project management roles to industry, CEO Warren King has confirmed. Premium

Airglow as indicator of ionospheric (and thus RF) conditions?

During a two week period researchers managed to record images of moving airglow bands on several wavelengths relevant to HF radio and OTHR radar system operations.

Earth is constantly bathed in low level light emissions that emanate from its atmosphere. The physical processes that cause airglow also affect the ionosphere, the electrically-charged layer of the atmosphere upon which high frequency radio communications and over-the-horizon radar systems rely for refracting signals to and from locations beyond the horizon. Premium

Blue Glues' RF tag keeps tabs on sailors

Components and hardware on static display at the demonstration for the Naval Automated Personnel Tracker system.

The advent of inexpensive miniaturised electronic systems has made possible the use of radio tagging technology for a range of purposes such as security access management, monitoring of inventory stock and tracking of goods shipments. Premium

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