What happened to GBAMD?

Two of the C-RAM radars have been deployed at the multinational base at Tarin Kot and the ADF took delivery of the third Giraffe AMB radar earlier this year for use as an Australia-based training support system.

Defence's supplementary estimates for 2012-13 notes that C-RAM, the counter rocket, artillery and mortar capability in the form of a truck mounted Giraffe Agile Multi Beam radar, has been operating effectively in Afghanistan since December 2010 and that full operational capability in Afghanistan was achieved in September last year with FOC in Australia scheduled for earlier this year. Premium

Laser gun for ground based air defence

The Marine Corps has been working for about a decade to determine what will replace its man-portable Stinger weapon system.

It turns out that the USMC and the Office of Naval Research are working to develop a laser weapon system that would fit on a tactical vehicle and provide ground-based air defence for troops and convoys against threats ranging from small unmanned aerial vehicles to missiles and manned aircraft. Premium

P-8A Poseidon capability updates

The first part of Increment 2 of P-8 development will be integrated in 2014. [Photo:Defence]

In a recent article in Defence Week we pondered, in somewhat lightweight fashion, whether as a capability, a smaller number of P-8As could match the enhanced capabilities of the much upgraded AP-3C Orions, with their extensive sea and land-based surveillance capabilities. Premium

ATK and NIOA form joint venture to capture DMMA contract

ATK is the majority stakeholder in ATK-NIOA and will have operational control.

ATK and Nioa Nominees have agreed to form ATK-NIOA Munitions, to deliver a commercially viable business model to the Australian Commonwealth in support of the Domestic Munitions Manufacturing Arrangements. Premium

Questions raised over MUOS site in Sicily

The US Navy is confident an agreement signed between Italy and Sicily will allow the service to complete the MUOS ground facility.

The Sicilian government is resisting US Navy efforts to place one of four Mobile User Objective System ground sites in Niscemi, Sicily, according to a service spokesman. Premium

Five-year strategic plan for defence science

Minister for Defence Science and Personnel Warren Snowdon and Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky.

A blueprint for future scientific advice and technology support to defence was launched by the Minister for Defence Science and Personnel Warren Snowdon. Premium

Quickstep receives largest JSF purchase order to date

The company has received new F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter orders.

Quickstep has received new F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter purchase orders from Northrop Grumman Corporation during the third quarter 2012/13, under the long term agreements already signed with Northrop Grumman. Premium

Rohde & Schwarz releases Broadband Manpack Antenna

The R&SHK060 is lightweight and easy to mount with just the one connector between radio and antenna

Rohde & Schwarz has released the Broadband Manpack Antenna R&SHK060, a vertically polarized omnidirectional receive and transmit antenna designed specifically for portable radios. Premium

Measuring illicit regional markets

The report outlines the mechanics of illicit trade.

Illicit markets in East Asia and the Pacific earn organised criminal groups nearly US$90 billion a year - an amount roughly equal to twice the GDP of Myanmar, according to a UN Office on Drugs and Crime report released this week. Premium

ADM Online: Weekly Summary

The facility will train more than 2000 ADF personnel over the next decade to maintain the next generation of field vehicles, including the newly introduced Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon fleet. [Photo:Defence]

A summary of the latest news and views in the defence industry, locally and overseas. Check out our webpage for daily news updates on the ADM home page and make sure you bookmark/RSS this for a regular visit. Premium

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Have manned submarines had their day?

The RAN has been interested in unmanned maritime vehicles (UMVs) since their appearance in the 1980s and 1990s.

While the pros and cons of this country's proposed Future Submarine fleet and its type, number, cost, and whether we will ever be able to find crews for them, is debated exhaustively on The Strategist, other blogs and in the media generally, local websites don't have much to say about their unmanned successors.