Defence Week Premium 272 PDF versions

The full version of Defence Week Premium no.272 of 26 September 2013 can be downloaded here as a PDF. A separate PDF of the latest Defence tenders can also be downloaded here. Premium

What is the situation between the AWD alliance and Navantia?

It's fair to say that eyebrows were raised at recent remarks by Steve Ludlam criticising ongoing changes by Navantia to Air Warfare Destroyer design as "way beyond expectations". Premium

SimTect2013: ADSO to become ADSTC

For the first time in nine years, Simulation Australia hosted both SimTect and SimHealth as a joint event in Brisbane last week Premium

Possible Penguin sale

Defence says the missiles remain in secure storage in Australia.

New Zealand is negotiating the possible purchase of some of Australia's stock of Penguin anti-ship missiles with the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence Systems, according to well-informed sources. Premium

Surveillance system for Army patrols

The constant monitoring of threats against military bases, forward observation posts and other secure facilities can be time-intensive and dangerous.

Rockwell Collins has been selected by the Australian Army to provide "eyes and ears" for its soldiers via the company's persistent surveillance system. Premium

First Scramspace attempt didn't 'go as expected'

The University of Queensland's Scramspace hypersonic experiment has ended in failure as the unmanned spacecraft plummeted into the North Sea off the coast of Norway. Premium

Award for top JTAC

WO2 Dawson said he was quite surprised to receive the award.

A Joint Terminal Attack Controller who set consistently high standards for Australian JTACs in Afghanistan has recently been recognised with the AVM Don Bennet award. Premium

Damaged Bushmasters for War Memorial

The vehicle has joined the Memorial’s prototype Bushmaster B3.

A Bushmaster PMV, badly damaged by an IED in Afghanistan has been delivered to the Australian War Memorial's Treloar Technology Centre in Canberra in time for the AZWM's store open day. Premium

Exmouth radar to track items in orbit

Australia will play a greater role in space surveillance with the relocation of a US C-band radar.

This country will play a greater role in space surveillance with the relocation of a US C-band radar from Antigua to Exmouth in WA, which will be able to track items in orbit around the earth. Premium

Space surveillance telescope

The space surveillance telescope will provide a complementary capability to the C-band radar with the location of the facility to be considered in the coming months.

At the AUSMIN meeting there was also discussion regarding the relocation of a DARPA-built optical telescope from New Mexico to WA to monitor space debris and satellites right out to GEO. Premium

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News: LHD Canberra pod trial results clear as investigation continues

Visible here as the ship was prepared for re-floating following delivery from Spain is the Canberra's port azimuth propulsion pod. Credit: Anonymous

A Defence spokesperson has responded to ADM questions regarding the outcome of propulsion pod trials conducted on LHD HMAS Canberra recently.