Defence Week Premium 311 PDF versions

The full version of Defence Week Premium no.311 of 31 July 2014 can be downloaded here as a PDF. A separate PDF of the latest Defence tenders can also be downloaded here. Premium

Shipbuilding a priority - Defence Minister

Senator David Johnston, Defence Minister.

In his opening address to the Defence & Industry conference in Adelaide on July 29, Defence Minister David Johnston outlined the Abbott government’s plans for Australia’s naval shipbuilding capability. Premium

First Australian Joint Strike Fighters rolled out

The first two Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters for the RAAF were formally rolled out during a ceremony at the historic US Air Force Plant No.4 in Fort Worth Texas on July 24. Premium

Some WP2015 defence industry considerations

The White Paper Defence Issues Paper includes a number of questions on defence industry for consideration including which industrial capabilities must be located in Australia. Premium

Go-ahead for Nulka upgrade

By 2019, the Nulka system will be fitted to 166 ships worldwide, including protecting US aircraft carriers.

First pass approval has been given to update the Nulka Active Missile Decoy launch capability, under project SEA 1397 Phase 5B. Premium

Limitations of the LHD's landing craft

A schematic diagram of the Canberra Class Amphibious LHD - one of the two azipod propulsors can be clearly seen. Credit: Defence

In an article in the Australian Army Journal, Captain Anthony Bamford notes that it is now widely recognised that JP2048's ADAS in its current proposed form, would be incapable of OMFTS in the littoral environment. Premium

Was the US EFV on the cards for L400?

There were drawbacks to the US Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle including its potential vulnerability to mines and IEDs.

It is believed that serious consideration was given to an arrangement with US authorities for the acquisition of a number of EFV-style amphibious combat vehicles as protected connectors for the landing of Australian troops in contested amphibious operations. Premium

Bushmaster PMVs upgraded on site

A four-man PMV upgrade program team completed the enhancements over a six-week period.

Australian Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles in Afghanistan had their protection improved during a recent in-theatre upgrade by a Defence Materiel Organisation team. Premium

Bushmaster PMV as L400 enabler?

Looking at potential future roles for the Bushmaster PMV the L400 CONOPS which provides further Defence thinking on the provisioning of the three Beersheba manoeuvre brigades also discusses the roles of CS and combat service support assets within the close combat zone. Premium

University licenses ground-breaking explosives detection technology

The University of Tasmania has stepped up the fight against terrorism by licensing two technologies, Scantex and CEScan, to technology commercialisation firm Grey Innovation. Premium

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