Defence Week Premium 332 PDF version

The full version of Defence Week Premium no.332 of 22 January 2015 can be downloaded here as a PDF. A separate PDF of the latest Defence tenders can also be downloaded here. Premium

People on the move

Steve Richards has replaced Greg Hodge as Managing Director of Serco Defence. Premium

Was our $15m investment in BAMS worthwhile?

In January 2007 Australia entered an 18-month, $15 million cooperative agreement with the US Navy, to participate in the pre-system development and demonstration (SDD) processes of the BAMS MUAS program. Premium

BAE Systems’ helicopter flight test capability

With the value and operating costs of military platforms ever climbing, the ability to flight-test equipment and systems without taking an airframe off-line is becoming increasingly attractive. Premium

Japan buys Global Hawk and Hawkeye

Japan has selected E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft and the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft system, both Northrop Grumman platforms, as part of their ISR program. Premium

How the Danes do defence planning

In Australia, the timing and content of the Defence White Paper, the blueprint for our nation’s strategic defence needs and the materiel that will be procured to fulfil them, has always been somewhat at the whim of the incumbent government. Premium

Raytheon releases submarine white paper

Raytheon managing director Michael Ward has weighed in on the Future Submarine debate with a blog on ASPI’s The Strategist Premium

Future submarine requires vision and leadership

As Australia embarks upon the most challenging and complex defence procurement program ever undertaken in our history - the Future Submarine program - the need for unity and leadership has never been greater. Premium