White Paper strategic context: unpacking the ‘C-word’

What the paper fails to do is make the strong link between the massive naval regeneration that Navy is undergoing and the strategic need for increasing these assets. Credit: Reuters

When the White Paper came out, there were commentators whose first task was to search the document for how many times the ‘C-word’ was mentioned and how. Premium

Senate report is DIPS implementation plan

Defence industry needs to be defined so that it can be measured. Credit: Defence

For those who missed it late last year, the Senate made a report into the state of defence industry and what it means for Defence as a whole. Premium

Defence addresses fuel security but can’t act alone

The project will provide the ADF with a new fleet of high capacity tankers Credit: Defence.

Analysts have been encouraged by the White Paper’s attempt to tackle fuel security but say it will not go far enough and a whole of nation approach is required.

KC-30 VIP Conversion Approved

The conversion provides long-range VIP transport when required, allowing the PM or Governor-General to travel to practically any destination in the world with only a single fuel stop, saving time and taxpayers’ money. Credit: Defence

Buried in the Defence Integrated Investment Policy was confirmation that the VIP conversion of one or two KC-30A multi-role tanker transports (MRTT) would go ahead. Premium

Australian start-up leads the way with UAS

The Ninox team. Credit: Ninox

Ninox Robotics has announced the appointment of its Chief Pilot and purchase of its first set of UAS for commercial and government use. Premium

Team Defence Australia flies the flag at Singapore

The TDA team at Singapore. Credit: ADM David Jones

Team Defence Australia was a significant exhibitor at the Singapore Airshow, with twelve Australian SMEs exhibiting.

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As promised, we've dug a little deeper into the White Paper this week with our Editor Katherine Ziesing analysing the strategy and that tricky definition of defence industry. Our weekly Defence tenders and PDF version can also be found here. Premium