Yes Minister in session at extra Senate Estimates

Credit: The Australian Senate

This conversation happened during an extra session of Senate Estimates last week on March 17. Premium

Williams Foundation Air/Land seminar highlights

A USMC F-35B STOVL landing at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona. US Marine Corps LTGEN Davis said his own son would be fighting and flying the F-35B and if that isn’t confidence in the technology he doesn’t know what is. Credit: USMC CPL. Ken Kalemkarian/releasedv

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation hosted Australian and international guests at their Air/Land seminar to look at how the two services work together, both strategically and tactically. Premium

Land-based anti-ship strike – the shopping list

Developed by Kongsberg in Norway, NSM is the main weapon for the Norwegian Navy's frigate and corvette ship classes, and Poland's truck-mounted coastal defence system. Credit: Kongsberg

In the recent White Paper buried within future ADF capabilities, it was stated that “the Government will ensure that our maritime and land forces have improved strike capabilities. Premium

New studies on risks posed by UAS to commercial aircraft

Snapshot of a video showing a Pacific Blue 737-800 on final approach to Perth Airport captured by a camera on a model aircraft flying in restricted airspace. Credit: ansettaddict123 via YouTube

Reports of small UAS being involved in near-miss events with commercial aircraft seem to be on the increase however recent studies in the US risks are minimal. Premium

Australian Technology for A26 Submarine

Credit: Sonartech Atlas

Sonartech Atlas will supply the Swedish Royal Navy with its Intercept Detection and Ranging Sonar (IDRS) system for their next generation submarines, the A-26. Premium

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