Defence 2016 Budget: slow and steady

The budget this year offered little in the way of surprise for Defence.

If this Budget had to have a colour scheme it would be beige, the hallmark of the boring. Premium

Land 2110 down select in play

Australian Army soldiers from Task Group Taji Rotation 2 conduct pre-fatigue drills during CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear environment) training as part of the task group's training camp

The CBRN program that is Land 2110 has hit a milestone with the teams led by GHD and Lockheed Martin making it through to the next phase.

Armada to send F-100 chaperone for Hobart

The Cristobal Colon incorporates a number of enhancements that are included in the configuration of the Australian AWDs. Credit: Armada Espanola

The Spanish Armada will almost certainly deploy its newest Alvaro de Bazan class F-100 frigate to Australia for four months in early 2017.

Wasp preferred for Small UAS tender

A Wasp AE micro air vehicle demonstrated during the inaugural Army Modernisation Day held in Sydney on 30 September 2014. Credit: Defence

Aerovironment’s RQ-12 Wasp AE has been tested by the Army since June 2015 after Defence placed a $7.7 million trial procurement order.

Senate Report: Defence must address fragile PSE workforce

Air 5402 Air-to-Air Refuelling Project Director Luke Brown and engineering manager and project technical lead, SQNLDR Damien Maldon discuss the project. For all aspects of the engineering workforce, whether they be uniformed, APS or defence industry, Defence needs an employment framework that encourages mobility amongst academia, the broader research community and defence industry. Credit Defence.

A Senate Committee has released its report on Defence’s physical science and engineering (PSE) workforce capability, highlighting the urgent need to address its continuing decline and fragility.

Thales Fulmar UAS for Malaysian patrol boats

Fulmar - the system can be launched and recovered on board, can land at sea and float for 24 hours. Credit: Thales Group

Thales has secured a contract to deliver the Fulmar UAS system to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. Premium

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