ASC sidelined for Future Subs

Credit: Ben Searcy

ASC released a statement late yesterday affirming its “enduring and critical role in growing and supporting Australia’s current and future submarine capabilities” in the wake of remarks by DCNS Australia Acting CEO Brent Clark.

Fast-tracking access to satellite imagery

Artist's impression of WorldView-4 satellite. It is a third generation commercial Earth observation satellite launched on 11 November 2016. It provides panchromatic images at a highest resolution of 31 centimetres per pixel (12 in/px) between 450 and 800 nanometres, and multispectral images at 124 centimetres per pixel (49 in/px) in red, green, blue and near-infrared channels (655-690 nm, 510-580 nm, 450-510 nm and 780-920 nm, respectively).

Industry sources approached by ADM were somewhat baffled by the “fanfare” and timing of the announcement and were waiting to see the detail of 799.

Textron launches Night Warden TUAS at Paris 2017

The Night Warden is the production version of the Shadow M2, under development for some years. Credit: ADM Nigel Pittaway

The system offers several advantages over other Group 3 TUAS systems, including an optional Satellite Communications package which provides beyond line of sight communications.

Lockheed Martin announces Special Forces C-130J for international customers

An artist's rendition of the C-130J SOF variant launched at Paris 2017. Credit: Lockheed Martin

There has been ‘significant’ interest in the variant in the Asia-Pacific region.

KC-390 to tour NZ

One of the Embraer KC-390 prototypes at the Paris Air Show 2017. Credit: ADM Nigel Pittaway

NZ’s Future Air Mobility Capability seeks to acquire a fixed wing transport capability to the ageing C-130H Hercules and Boeing 757 fleets.

Tackling the asymmetric CBRNE threat

Sappers from the Special Operations Engineer Regiment conduct a CBRNE neutralisation task during a demonstration at Holsworthy Barracks. Credit: Defence

There is now an expanding and dynamic network of actors with common motivations and increased access to the technology necessary to develop and employ WMD and WMD-like capabilities. Premium

STEM report card 20 years on

Credit: REA

The Re-Engineering Australia Foundation was pioneered in 1998 to capture the imagination of young people to pursue careers in STEM. Premium

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