Industry Captains give feedback to NSW

The STEM shortfall is one of the biggest factors that will negatively affect the defence industry sector. Thinkstock.

The NSW Standing Committee on State Development conducted the 'Defence Industry in NSW' hearing on Thursday, with representatives from defence advocacy groups, SMEs and primes all giving evidence.

It’s a vac-braze craze

SpaceX is following HTA's progress closely. Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX is particularly interested in HTA's vacuum brazing process.

Mexeflote only for Abrams as LCM trial suspended

HMAS Choules' MEXEFLOTE landing raft transports an Abrams M1A1 main battle tank to the beach at Upstart Bay in Central Queensland as part of an amphibious landing rehearsal during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017. Credit: Defence

The deployability of Army's tanks in an amphibious task force is reliant upon the presence of HMAS Choules.

Legal red lines a deterrent for cyber attacks

Professor Schmitt believes the best defence is to 'draw a clear line in the sand'. Credit: USNWC

"Grey zones” in the international law of cyberspace were giving hostile nations an opportunity to mount cyber attacks without attracting international condemnation. Premium

RSAF F-15s based in NZ?

Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16D aircraft prepare to depart RAAF Base Darwin during Exercise Pitch Black 2016. Credit: Defence

A Republic of Singapore Air Force flying training exercise hosted by the Royal New Zealand Air Force will take place at the Ohakea Air Force base from 30 August to 25 September. Premium

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