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Japan makes announcement on Future Submarines

A Japanese Soryu class submarine, upon which the Japanese bid will be based.

Japan has publicly revealed the details of its bid for the Sea 1000 Future Submarine Program indicating that they could build all submarines in Australia, but only after a mock-up boat (referred to as boat 0) was completed first.

Australian built Hawkei gets the nod for $1.3 billion contract

Hawkei undergoing water fording testing. LAND 121 Phase 4 will provide the protected mobility vehicle – light (PMV-L) Hawkei for command, liaison, utility and reconnaissance roles. The PMV-L will provide an optimum balance of the requirements for survivability, mobility, payload, communications, useability and sustainability. Credit: Defence

The Australian Government will purchase 1100 locally built Hawkei protected vehicles and over 1000 trailers to strengthen the ADF under a $1.3 billion agreement.

New study looks at effect of caffeine on driving errors by defence personnel

Credit: US Army

The researchers found that drivers who chewed caffeinated gum when tired made fewer driving errors than drivers who didn’t have caffeine.

Kestrel on board for RAN ScanEagle trial

An RAN ScanEagle trial looks set to occur in 2016. Credit: USN

The software is designed to be incorporated into a purpose built ViDAR payload that can be modularly applied to the existing Block D Scan Eagle currently being flown by the Navy as part of wider UAS trial program.

RAAF tanker completes first F-35A mid-air refuelling

A total of 59 contacts were conducted of which five contacts transferred 43,200 pounds of fuel during the four hour sortie. Credit: Defence

The RAAF has completed the first fuel transfer froma KC-30A tanker Transport to a USAF F-35A Joint Strike Fighter at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

CASA takes pause on safety changes, listens to industry

Skidmore noted it was difficult to bring the aviation community with CASA on regulatory changes while it was still working on issues from previous changes. Credit: CASA

CASA chief Mark Skidmore has signalled that civil aviation safety regulations changes are likely to be delayed because of industry feedback.

Call for judges for F1 in Schools State Finals

Credit: F1 in Schools

The Re-engineering Australia Foundation (REA) is looking for people willing to be judges at the State finals of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge.

We can build Subs too!

ASC workers and a Collins class submarine at the company's facility in Osborne in South Australia. Credit: ASC

Perth-based engineering and construction services firm Civmec has launched a new defence division and has said it could build Australia's next fleet of future submarines for the Sea 1000 program.

Team Sentinel's Land 400 Bid revealed

The Terrex 8x8.

Team Sentinel, primed by Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA), has put forward their SENTINEL II platform in response to the Commonwealth of Australia’s Land 400 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability (MCRC) request for tender.

F-35 program chiefs come out in defence of the JSF

The F-35 program chief has come out in strong defence of the Joint Strike Fighter saying he doesn't expect any airplane that is currently in development to be seriously competitive with the 5th Generation fighter.

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