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latest issue

In the latest issue

The June edition of ADM is a cracker with all the highlights from the Budget this year along with analysis of the game changing technologies and concepts that the ADF will be bringing online in the next 3-5 years.

ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing examines the budget in depth with ASPI's AMrk Thomson, talks to Joint Capability Command about what's on the horizon in the joint space,

Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway looks at the First Principles Review and the cutting edge technology that the RAAF has coming online.

Senior correspondent Julian Kerr examines the Assegai family of munitions from Rheinmetall, provides a frank look at the AWD program, the new world of Navy capabilities and also speaks to Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky in this month's From the Source interview.

And Philip Smart profiles smart SME Ferrocut and looks at what Army has in store in the short to medium term.

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