• Credit: NEO
    Credit: NEO

Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO), Norway, introduces the HySpex Mjolnir V-1240 hyperspectral imaging system for UAVs that provides a unique combination of small form factor and low mass with high performance specifications and scientific grade data quality.

Hyperspectral imaging is the combination of digital imaging and spectroscopy where an object is depicted by equipment able to discriminate different colours or combination of colours with a very high accuracy making the output extremely useful in a number of applications. The HySpex Mjolnir V-1240 covers the VNIR spectral range, 400 - 1000 nm, and is built with an optical architecture, a weight of less than 5kg and power consumption of less than 50 W.

NEO has a long record of cooperative development with the European Space Agency for a hyperspectral imager for small satellites, with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment for military applications and more recently in cooperation with several French institutions, namely Thales and Fresnel, to develop a technology for an active multispectral polarimetric imager (HYPOLAC project.).

The HySpex Mjolnir V-1240  is a fully integrated UAV bundle that includes a hyperspectral camera with a PicoITX i7 SSD computer and an Applanix APX-15 UAV navigation system fitted into a self contained module mounted on a passive damping platform.

Main Specifications:


Spectral range (nm) 

400 - 1000

Spectral sample (nm) 


Spatial pixels 


Spectral channels 


Field of view (deg) 


Pixel FOV (mrad) 


Bit resolution (raw data) 


Noise floor (e-) 


Dynamic range 


Peak SNR 


Max speed (fps) 


Power cons. (W) 

50 (with DAU/INS)

Dimensions (cm) 

25 - 17.5 - 17

Weight (kg) 


For more information, contact Raymax Applications.

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