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Hawker Pacific is a market leader in integrated civil and military aerospace Sales and Product Support throughout Australia, South East Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East representing a number of the world’s leading aircraft and equipment OEMs inc

Point Trading Group is a leading Australian industry design and development manufacturer of mission critical capabilities. Point Trading specialises in Night Vision II and TI for aviation, land, and maritime. Our unique design of NVGs, incorporates I

Moog is a designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision motion control products and solutions, providing the highest level of performance in ground vehicles, aircraft, marine and security. Moog provides mission critical sub-systems and component

SYPAQ provides its customers with trusted high-end consulting, design and engineering services for complex mission-critical and advanced solutions. Additionally, SYPAQ has recently launched Corvo (, a range of next generation

Merewyn Partners Pty Ltd specialises in designing and implementing mobile phone/drone detection and mitigation solutions. Solutions include:• Mobile phone detection - including positioning• Mobile phone jamming - passive or reactive