BSA Group

BSA Group

119-121 Atlantic Drive
Keysborough Vic 3137


Company Description
BSA Group is a one stop shop solution for all consumer, industrial and special purpose battery needs along with Battery charging, Solar Solutions, Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and much more. BSA Group has been leading the industry for more than 30 years, therefore we Boast a national network of branches in all states and territories and we are proudly a fully Australian owned and managed family business. BSA Group fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Phone: 1300 255 228
Branch Contacts
Steve Palmer: General Manager Sales
Mobile: +61 435 016 522

SA / NT / WA
Address: 75 Welland Avenue Welland SA 5007
Phone: +61 8 8346 5021
Branch Contacts
Steve Palmer: General Manager Sales
Mobile: +61 435 016 522

Address: 119-121 Atlantic Drive Keysborough Vic 3173
Phone: 1300 255 228
Branch Contacts
Steve Palmer: General Manager Sales
Mobile: +61 435 016 522

This company offers the following services

  • Batteries

    Capability Description
    BSA Group is a multi solution facilitator for all general, industrial and specialised battery needs. BSA Group sources batteries for the following sectors:
    • Aircraft & Helicopters
    • Aircraft Ejection Seats
    • Target Drones
    • UAV
    • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
    • Foot soldier communications
    • Forklifts & Pallet Trucks
    • Floor Cleaning Machines
    • Abrams Tanks
    • Mining Equipment
    • Marine
    • Personal Mobility
    • Powersports, Trucks & Auto
    • Biomedical Devices
    • Medical Standby Power
    • Rail Engine Start
    • On Board
    • Rail Signalling
    • Solar & Renewables Storage
    • Wind turbine
    • Security
    • Emergency Lighting
    • General Instrumentation
    • Generator Starting Batteries
    • I.T
    • Telecom

  • Batteries - Specialty

    Capability Description
    BSA Group provides clients with customer “specialised” battery solutions for applications ranging from reasonable basic to complex systems with battery management systems and monitoring.
    Customised draft, design and assembly of finished product can be achieved to suit a specific need or fitment to suit an electrical system.
    BSA Group has nearly 35 years of industry expertise working with clients to provide specialty customised portable battery solutions.
    Experienced with all chemistries, both primary and secondary, OEM, we offer replacements to suit most devices such as remotes, Power Tools, PLC, Laptops, photographic etc, BSA is able to assist in such specialty areas.

  • Battery Charging Equipment

    Capability Description
    BSA Group is a National Supplier of battery charging solutions to suit small, medium and large applications, including vented Ni-Cad, Sealed Lead Acid, Lithium, Automotive and AGM batteries.
    BSA Group offers premium brands in the following Battery Care areas:
    Charging Solutions
    • Multi-Purpose
    • On-Board
    • Industrial
    Power Solutions
    • Jump Starters
    • Stand alone power supplies
    • Boost Accessories
    • X-Connect
    • 12V Accessories
    • GCP AC Ports
    • GX Accessories
    • Corrosion Preventative
    • Battery Cleaner
    • Battery Paint
    • Glass Cleaner
    • Spill kits
    • Snap-Top Battery Boxes
    • Commercial Battery Boxes
    • Battery Trays
    • Customised manuals
    • MSDS
    • COC

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

    Capability Description
    BSA Group is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of EATON UPS systems.
    BSA Group offers tailored solutions from small, medium and to large scale UPS applications.
    We offer UPS protection for SOHO, I.T. and right through to 3 Phase industrial and defence applications.
    Our EATON offerings includes iconic brands such as Powerware, SOLA and Holec.
    We have concentrated on these EATON brands for many years now, you will be assured that our product knowledge and experience will provide superior sales and technical support for your selected back up needs, coupled with long term service contracts for ongoing peace of mind.

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