Beralon Pty Ltd t/a Cee Bee Maritime

Beralon Pty Ltd t/a Cee Bee Maritime

Unit 1
4 Bearing Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147

(02) 9624 8011




Year Established: 1981
Parent Company: Beralon Pty Ltd
Number of Employees: 9
Area of Business: Defence Approved Contractor / OEM Chemical Supplier


Seven Hills
Branch Contacts
David McGill: Director / General Manager

This company offers the following services

  • International Companies

    International NameDivisionMCCountry
    Cee Bee MaritimeCee Bee

  • Sewerage and Vacuum Pipeline Cleaning

    Capability Contacts
    David McGill: Director / General Manager

    Capability Description
    Scale build up – a problem you need to avoid. Cee Bee Maritime is a world leader in innovation with its cleaning system. A unique vacuum system cleaning program including digital dosing units. Efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Toilets can remain in operation while servicing is performed.
    Servicing does not interfere with vessels operation, even if underway. No harmful chemicals or high pressure, so no damage to pipework, toilet mechanisms, or biological sewage treatment plants.
    Used extensively on naval and commercial vessels in Europe and Australia. Also used on vacuum toilet systems in commercial buildings.
    Descaling, Pickle & Passivate, Vacuum Sewerage Chemical Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, CHT Systems, CeeBee Cleaning Systems, Dynamic Descaler Range

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