Meindl Footwear Australasia

Meindl Footwear Australasia

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    Stager Sport Sales
    Phone: +64 3 448 8844

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    Meindl Footwear is the producer of the highest performance footwear available in the world. Meindl produces top quality footwear for Military, Police, safety and professional users in addition to the civilian sports market. Capabilities include MOTS, COTS and bespoke footwear creation according to end user requirements. Footwear models suitable for and built to withstand all global environments and climates are available. Meindl is the footwear provider of choice for many FVEYs and NATO military and Police units. Meindl exhibit exceptional responsiveness to user requirements and have multiple production facilities that ensure prompt product development and delivery in a timely fashion. Meindl conduct operations in line with ISO 9001 standards, tests professional footwear against relevant ISO standards and have an unmatched dedication to fit and quality among the global footwear industry. Stager Sport Australasia is the appointed Meindl distributor for Australasia, South East Asia and Oceania.

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