HMNZS Te Kaha returned to Devonport, New Zealand, just before Christmas following modernisation upgrades undertaken in British Columbia, Canada.

ADM wishes all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be returning on Monday 4 January, with our first newsletters on January 19 and 21.

Defence has executed its first Deed of Access for resource extraction on Defence land near Greenvale.

Saab Australia has selected SME Global Defence Solutions (GDS) as the preferred soft shelter supplier for JP2060 Phase 3.

Australia's states and territories have signed Cooperation Agreements with the Government’s Naval Shipbuilding College.

Defence is now conducting a review of the ASDEFCON suite of tendering and contracting templates and is inviting industry to contribute.

XTEK has been appointed to act as the Milrem Robotics Unmanned Ground Vehicle representative in Australia and NZ.

The Committee found that the lessons from COVID-19 are not primarily about health.

XTEK's US subsidiary HighCom Armour has secured approval for permanent export licenses for ballistic products to Mexico City.

West Australian company Altrad Services has been contracted to provide blast and paint services for the Hunter class program.

The government is investing up to $35 million in the remaining phase of a program in which 18 small businesses are designing, developing and manufacturing a military communications prototype.

The RAN's three Hobart Class Destroyers have exercised together for the first time, demonstrating their cooperative capabilities.

SmartSat CRC is formally launching the Aurora Space Startup Cluster.

Defence Scientist, Dr Sylvie Perreau, has been awarded the 2020 Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science, for her excellence in signal processing and wireless networks within highly classified environments.

After a number of weeks of critical maintenance, HMAS Melville has this week resumed her role surveying the Australian coast.

Macquarie Telecom Group has welcomed the publication of the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill.