Visible here as the ship was prepared for re-floating following delivery from Spain is the Canberra's port azimuth propulsion pod. Credit: Anonymous

LHD Canberra pod trial results clear as investigation continues

A Defence spokesperson has responded to ADM questions regarding the outcome of propulsion pod trials conducted on LHD HMAS Canberra recently.

The Z-Boat 1800. Credit: Teledyne Marine

BlueZone gets Army innovation nod with Z-boats

The Z-Boats' capabilities will make significant contributions to Army’s urgent and pressing need to de-risk the riverine environment
Credit: Rockwell Collins

Luke F-35s return to skies, no answers on hypoxia scare

No specific root cause for the physiological events was identified during recent visits from experts and engineers from the JPO, Lockheed Martin, the Air Force Research Laboratory and other organisations.
First steel is cut at Navantia's shipyard in Ferrol, Spain. Credit: Navantia

Navantia cuts first AOR steel

Australian industry will play a key role in the build of the AORs with a minimum $120 million of investment into Australian products, skills and expertise.
Rheinmetall's Boxer CRV (L) will be put through its paces along with the BAE Systems/Patria AMV35 (R) for the Land 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle contract.

Land 400 CRVs tested for C-17 compatibility

The trials, to be conducted from RAAF Base Fairbairn, form part of the Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA)
Artist's impression of WorldView-4 satellite. It is a third generation commercial Earth observation satellite launched on 11 November 2016. It provides panchromatic images at a highest resolution of 31 centimetres per pixel (12 in/px) between 450 and 800 nanometres, and multispectral images at 124 centimetres per pixel (49 in/px) in red, green, blue and near-infrared channels (655-690 nm, 510-580 nm, 450-510 nm and 780-920 nm, respectively).

Defence invests in improved access to satellite imagery

Phase 1 of the project will provide Australia with direct and more timely access to commercial imaging satellites to support a wide range of Defence and national security activities.

defence week 450

ASC sidelined for Future Subs

Credit: Ben Searcy

ASC released a statement late yesterday affirming its “enduring and critical role in growing and supporting Australia’s current and future submarine capabilities” in the wake of remarks by DCNS Australia Acting CEO Brent Clark. more »

    land »

    Land 400: Risk Mitigation Activity update

    A BAE Systems Australia Patria AMV35 combat reconnaissance vehicle (left) and a Rheinmetall Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle secured in the heavy vehicle deck of the Royal Australian Navy amphibious ship HMAS Canberra during a series of trials at Fleet Base East in Sydney on 6 December 2016.

    At the time of writing, the Land 400 program was half way through the risk mitigation activity (RMA) between Rheinmetall’s Boxer and the BAE Systems/Patria AMV35. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing checked in with the industry players and program director to get an idea of what’s been happening.

      defence industry »

      SME Spotlight: Codarra

      Testing various electrical loads on the C-130 fleet was how Codarra got started. Credit: Defence

      Codarra began as a ‘pretty sure I can do it better’ idea from two Defence industry guys. Almost 30 years later, they’re still right.

      more »

        sea »

        Sea 5000 CEP into the final phase

        Italian FREMM frigate ITS Carabiniere in Sydney prior to going alongside at Fleet Base East, Garden Island. Credit: Defence

        In February this year Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne revealed that a second pass decision on the $35 billion Project Sea 5000 (Future Frigates) would likely occur earlier than the originally anticipated date of 2018.

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          From the Source: MD Ruag Australia John Teager

          Credit: Ruag Australia

          Four years on from the acquisition of Rosebank Engineering, RUAG Australia has established its Australian footprint, with strong Swiss reach back. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to Managing Director of RUAG’s Australian business about the evolution of the company and where they’re headed next.

            defence suppliers »

            BlueZone gets Army innovation nod with Z-boats

            The Z-Boat 1800. Credit: Teledyne Marine

            The Z-Boats' capabilities will make significant contributions to Army’s urgent and pressing need to de-risk the riverine environment

              defence industry »

              SME Spotlight: Norship knows their ships

              Aerial shot of the shipyard in Cairns. Credit: Norship Marine

              While the Australian shipbuilding debate has centred on traditional centres Norship Marine business development executive Graham Wharton believes there are at least two north Australian cities missing.

              more »

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                People are the long lead item

                Despite the fact that people are economically termed as capital, they are a lot less moveable than other traditional items considered capital such as machines or infrastructure. more »



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