Remora replacement arrives

The LR5 submarine rescue system arrived in Australia early on June 2, announced the DMO's Head of Maritime Systems, Rear Admiral Boyd Robinson.

While having the LR5 submarine rescue system on call in the UK technically met the Navy's requirements for responding to Submarine emergencies, the relocation improves response times considerably and allows the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to exercise the capability with Collins Class Submarines.

"Resumption of the Navy's annual submarine escape and rescue exercise Black Carillon, presently planned for late 2009, will allow Navy to exercise its submarine rescue capability," Rear Admiral Robinson said.

The ancillary equipment for the LR5 suite arrived in Australia by a chartered 747 last week and the LR5 rescue vehicle by RAAF C17 Heavy Air Lift this week.

The suite has been at 12 hours notice to deploy in the event of a disabled submarine throughout the transport period from the UK to Australia.

The current Navy support vessels have already been modified to deploy the LR5 rescue system.

The LR5 has mated safely on many occasions with submarines fitted with the standard NATO rescue seat, which is fitted to most submarines, including Collins Class.

The vehicle is being leased through UK-based company James Fisher Defence Projects.

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