CQB weapon sought for Oz Special Forces

Defence has released an RFT for a mature solution to be provided for a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Weapon System with similar weapon performance to the in-service M4A1 carbine but in a shorter variant for use in urban and confined spaces.

While Defence is open to acquiring a completely new weapon design, its preference is for modifications to the existing carbine including a shortened upper receiver that is compatible with the M4A1 Carbine lower receiver.

Such modifications are readily available.

Developed for US special operations forces, the Close Quarters Battle Receiver (CQBR) is a replacement upper receiver for the M4A1 Carbine.

The CQBR upgrades the M4 with a barrel 10.3 in (260 mm) long, the modern equivalent of the Colt Commando short-barrel M16 variants of the past.

The purpose of the CQBR is to provide operators with a weapon of submachine gun size, but firing a rifle cartridge, for scenarios such as VIP protection, urban warfare, and other close quarters battle (CQB) situations.

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