Raytheon, Forgacs push Cairncross yard

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Forgacs Group and Raytheon Australia have teamed to bid for the contract to build Navy's new amphibious ships under Joint Project 2048. The new ships will be assembled at the Forgacs Cairncross dockyard in Brisbane.

Forgacs managing director Stephen Forgacs said, "Forgacs/Raytheon present a very strong team for naval shipbuilding in Australia and the Cairncross Dockyard has an important and unique role to play in the forthcoming projects. Cairncross is the ideal location for consolidating amphibious ships' modules built elsewhere in Australia and the skilled workforce is already in place."

Forgacs Cairncross Dockyard is a leading commercial ship repair facility, featuring one of the largest graving docks in Australasia. This, combined with the site's deep-water berths and modern workshops, enables it to offer an efficient round-the-clock dry-docking and ship repair service for almost all vessel sizes, the company says.

Raytheon Australia's Managing Director, Ron Fisher, said, "This facility is an important strategic asset for both Queensland and Australia. Through its unique combination of heavy engineering facilities and excellent sea and land access it is an ideal facility for consolidating ship modules for the proposed amphibious ships and for fitting out the ship's systems. With Forgacs' shipbuilding skills and Raytheon Australia as mission systems integrator, I believe that we are a potent competitor in the future of naval shipbuilding in Australia. With the combined facilities of Forgacs in Newcastle, and this excellent dry-dock we are well placed to meet and exceed Navy's requirements into the future."
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