Digital Editions


ADM May 2017

In the May edition, ADM covers EW, UAVs and Cyber Security.


ADM April 2017

The April edition covers Sea Power.


ADM March 2017

In the March edition, ADM covers Land Warfare.

In the February issue, ADM covers Air power in the lead up to the Avalon Airshow 2017.

In this edition ADM covers the annual Top 40 Defence Contractors/Top 20 Defence SMEs and project reviews and previews.

In the November 2016 issue, ADM covers C4ISR and we celebrate the RNZN's 75th Anniversary with a special feature.

In the October 2016 edition, ADM covers Defence in the North and innovation

The September issue of ADM is our annual Land Forces edition.


ADM August 2016

In the August 2016 edition ADM covers Underwater Technology and Sustainment.


ADM July 2016

This edition looks at weapons and force protection.


ADM June 2016

In the June issue, ADM covers combat capability with all domains coverage in the wake of Budget 2016.


ADM May 2016

ADM's May issue covers EW and UAS in the digital battlespace.


ADM April 2016

ADM presents the annual Sea Power feature in the April edition.


ADM March 2016

In the March issue we cover Land Forces and military vehicles.

The February edition presents the annual Air Power Issue.