In our 25th anniversary, March 2018 edition, ADM presents Land Warfare.

Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing looks at Army tackling the challenges of the technology wave and the planned Abrams upgrades. She also revisits active protection systems and the gains being made in that space.

Deputy Editor at Large Nigel Pittaway reports from Italy on Fincantieri's FREMM for Sea 5000 as another of the frigates is launched, he also provides commentary of ADM's recent Congress with Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr.  

Kerr also writes on the increasing sophistication of unmanned ground vehicles and Philip Smart reviews simulation training planned for the operators of the new Land 400 vehicles

With an announcement on Land 400 Phase 2 imminent, our guest From the Source interviewee representing one of the contenders is Rheinmetall Defence Australia's MD Gary Stewart.  

View the digital edition here.

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