Welcome to the March 2019 edition of ADM: Land Warfare.

 Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing opens with a look at the evolution of Australian manufacturing since the death of the automobile industry. The roadshows pioneered by Rheinmetall and BAE Systems for Land 400 are now the norm as manufacturing becomes smarter and more niche.

 The 16th annual ADM Congress took place in Canberra in February and Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr provides highlights of the program, which included speeches by Ministers, service chiefs, the new leadership of CASG, and industry. Duncan MacRae follows with a story on joint US-Australian heavyweight torpedo development.

Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway and Katherine Ziesing deep-dive into Land 400 Phase 3 as tenders close, and Nigel also writes on Defence’s Lethality program, Land 159 and 4108, whilst Katherine covers a small Canberra company making precision rifles from scratch.

Julian Kerr looks at lessons learnt from the Cape Class patrol vessels, and Patrick Walters explains the new state of Australian intelligence agencies.

Our From the Source interviewee this month is Managing Director of NIOA, Robert Nioa.

View the digital edition here.

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