Welcome to the September edition of Australian Defence Magazine, the largest in our 25-year history of publishing – Land Forces 2018.

Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing opens with a look at Army’s concept of ‘accelerated warfare’ and what it will require of the wider Defence community. Katherine also covers the 2018 Defence + Industry conference and the Essington Lewis awards, the early days of the Australian Space agency, and the inaugural Women in Defence Awards.

Inside is our special edition on Land Forces. BRIG Chris Mills and LTCOL Leo Purdy go in-depth on the utility of tanks on the modern battlefield, Deputy Editor-at-large Nigel Pittaway covers Ex Hamel 2018 and Special Operations training, and Max Blenkin reviews the future of infantry weapons. 

Coverage continues as Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr gives overviews of Land 125 Phase 4 and Land 19 Phase 7B, Kath Ziesing writes about the RLD group of companies, and AVM (Retd) John Blackburn asks whether Australia’s energy security is a problem.

Nigel Pittaway also heads up north to cover Ex Pitch Black and writes on upgraded training areas in Queensland, we list our Corporate Profiles from this year’s Land Forces, and Online Editor Ewen Levick speaks with Accenture about their new tech hub.

Our From the Source interviewee this month is Chief of Army LTGEN Rick Burr.

View the digital edition here.


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