Past Editions

The September issue of ADM is our annual Land Forces edition.


ADM August 2016

In the August 2016 edition ADM covers Underwater Technology and Sustainment.


ADM July 2016

This edition looks at weapons and force protection.


ADM June 2016

In the June issue, ADM covers combat capability with all domains coverage in the wake of Budget 2016.


ADM May 2016

ADM's May issue covers EW and UAS in the digital battlespace.


ADM April 2016

ADM presents the annual Sea Power feature in the April edition.


ADM March 2016

In the March issue we cover Land Forces and military vehicles.

The February edition presents the annual Air Power Issue.

ADM showcases the annual Top 40 Defence Contractors/Top 20 Defence SMEs.

ADM's November edition contains the Annual C4I feature dealing with Network Centric Warfare (NCW) and Comms.

The October edition of ADM covers two main editorial features this month: SeaPower 2015 and Defence in the North

The September edition of ADM covers three main editorial features this month: Land Warfare, Sustainment and Infrastructure.


ADM August 2015

The August edition of ADM is packed with all things simulation and underwater technology related.


ADM July 2015

The July edition of ADM boasts our brand new design that we’re rolling out across all ADM products. We still have the same great content but presented in a more modern and easy to read format. This month we explore surveillance in the land domain and weapons in our feature sections.


ADM June 2015

The June edition of ADM is a cracker with all the highlights from the Budget this year along with analysis of the game changing technologies and concepts that the ADF will be bringing online in the next 3-5 years.