• Credit: Air Affairs
    Credit: Air Affairs

PAL Aerospace and Air Affairs Australia have announced the initiation of a strategic partnership for the provision of special mission aircraft and support services within Australia and the South Pacific.

The announcement follows a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two companies in 2018 to support the pursuit of special mission opportunities in maritime patrol and defence based activities in the region.

“Air Affairs Australia and PAL Aerospace share similar histories and have become leaders in our respective fields,” PAL CEO Brian Chafe said. “We believe there is significant benefit to combining the knowledge and expertise we can now share in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.”

“The teaming agreement between Air Affairs Australia and PAL Aerospace represents a significant addition to our capabilities in the region," Chris Sievers, CEO of Air Affairs Australia, said.

"Our collaboration with PAL Aerospace will further cement the presence of both organisations in Australia’s evolving aviation special mission industry. The ability for Air Affairs Australia to drive technological innovation in Australian aviation is greatly enhanced by this arrangement."

“This agreement is testament to how PAL works to develop partnerships that grow beyond single contracts into lasting and mutually beneficial global relationships,” PAL Aerospace Senior Vice- President of Business Development John Turner said. “Air Affairs are an extraordinary partner to have in the region and their commitment to the Australian aviation industry is unquestionable.

"The establishment of this partnership will facilitate resource sharing and knowledge transfer that will expand capabilities in the region and benefit Australian industry.”

“Air Affairs is pleased to announce our partnership with PAL Aerospace,” Dennis Hinds, manager of business development for Air Affairs Australia, added. “This agreement represents a paradigm shift in the special mission industry in Australia and exemplifies the robust relationship between our two companies.

"We look forward to an enduring, mutually rewarding relationship with a truly world class aerospace company.”

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