• Rafael produces two types of add-on armour for AFVs such as the Bradley. Credit: Rafael
    Rafael produces two types of add-on armour for AFVs such as the Bradley. Credit: Rafael
  • Credit: Rafael
    Credit: Rafael

Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Bisalloy Steels have signed a $900k contract for the supply of Bisalloy Armour steel for use in Rafael’s globally-deployed add-on armour range for Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs).

The contract marks the appointment of Bisalloy to Rafael’s global supply chain and follows the successful completion of an extensive testing and evaluation program which included a detailed assessment of not only Bisalloy’s product range but also the company’s technical expertise, production management systems and global supply capability.

Credit: Rafael
Credit: Rafael

“The performance of Bisalloy and its steel range during our testing and evaluation program was highly impressive,” Rafael Australia’s general manager Ido Spitzer said.

He cited an oft-heard mantra of major defence companies in recent times - that is, it will be a key role for Rafael Australia to foster and manage close industrial cooperation in Australia, addressing local land and naval programs and thereby providing export opportunities for Australian companies.

“New supply-chain partners have to meet the highest standard of capability and product performance to participate in our programs because ultimately lives depend on the performance of our armoured vehicles in combat situations,” Spitzer said.

Rafael produces two types of add-on armour for AFVs: Armour shield-P, a passive, modular and lightweight system protection against projectiles, artillery and IED fragments; and Armour shield-R, which combines reactive and passive elements to defend against a wide range of threats such as anti-tank rockets at 360°, small arms 30 mm, 25 mm, 14.5 mm AP projectiles, high speed fragments of artillery, mortar, and high explosive IED and EFP roadside mines.  

"We are proud to be not only expanding our Australian footprint and but also strengthening our commitment to taking Australian technology and expertise to the world.”

Bisalloy's business manager – Armour, Justin Suwart, said that the contract was a significant step for the company.

“Rafael is a globally respected name in the defence industry and it is testament to our position as a competitive Australian supplier in the world market that we have been able to form this new relationship.” 

In late 2017 Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced the official opening of its Melbourne based subsidiary, Rafael Australia Pty Ltd.

Bisalloy will be supplying steel for Rheinmetall's Boxer CRV bid for Land 400 Phase 2. The company also produces steel for the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles in service with the ADF.

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