• A still from the 'Workforce behind the Defence Force Campaign' video depicting construction of a Thales Australia Bushmaster PMV. Credit: Defence
    A still from the 'Workforce behind the Defence Force Campaign' video depicting construction of a Thales Australia Bushmaster PMV. Credit: Defence

The Federal Government has launched a new campaign to promote jobs and business opportunities within defence industry.

‘The Workforce Behind The Defence Force’ campaign will highlight the critical role played by defence industry in supporting and sustaining defence capability and the expanding opportunities, particularly for SMEs. 

“This information campaign highlights the many jobs and business opportunities for Australians in the defence industry sector. It highlights that with industry expanding there is an increasing need for skilled workers and robust businesses in the supply chain,” Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said.

Credit: Defence

“The campaign is one element of a national, long-term strategy to support Australia’s industry in the era of advanced manufacturing, to position industry as a robust industry strategic asset supporting Defence and national security.

“There will be tremendous opportunities for Australians businesses in our defence industry and for those businesses and individuals who haven’t previously considered working with Defence.”

Minister Pyne said the campaign was also about delivering the high-tech manufacturing defence industry needed to provide long-term jobs, economic prosperity and security for all Australians.

“This also is to encourage Australians - young and old, to consider opportunities for employment in the defence industry.”

Research commissioned by the Department found that the opportunities emanating from the Government’s investment in Australia’s security were not fully understood by the Australian public or industry, despite extensive coverage by the national media.

This campaign is an important element of ensuring that the Australian Government can fulfil the commitments in the 2016 Defence White Paper, the Defence Industry Policy Statement and the Integrated Investment Program.

Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN) national president Alan Rankins agreed that significant growth is required in SME companies in order to meet the $200 billion investment target over the next decade to 2026.

"This growth can best be created through a close and open cooperation Government and Defence, which enables companies to undertake long term planning for growth, including the recruitment of the future workforce," he said.  

Information on the campaign, including where Australians and Australian businesses can go to find out more about defence industry and the opportunities available is here.

Footage of the 30 second and 60 second campaign can be found here

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