• F-35A Joint Strike Fighters fly in formation with an F/A18 Hornets.
    F-35A Joint Strike Fighters fly in formation with an F/A18 Hornets. Defence

The RAAF has deployed more than 370 personnel and eight aircraft to participate in the world’s most complex air warfare training at Exercise Red Flag Nellis 19-1 in the US.

The Exercise Red Flag series is hosted by the USAF 414th Combat Training Squadron several times a year with a number of domestic and international participants.

Air Commander Australia, Air Vice-Marshal Steve Roberton said there were a number of benefits of Australia participating in the exercise.

“RAAF will train with the USAF, US Navy and the RAF in a complex reconstruction of a modern battlespace,” AVM Roberton said.

“Up to six F/A-18A Classic Hornets from Number 77 Squadron, one E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft from Number 2 Squadron and one AP-3C Orion aircraft from Number 10 Squadron have flown over for the exercise.

“Air Force personnel will deploy to support the aircraft, operate an Australian Task Group Headquarters, augment the Combined Air Operations Centre with our coalition partners, provide cyber capabilities, and establish a Control and Reporting Centre.

“Not only are we learning from our partners and how we can best operate with each other, we are continuing our strong relationships that will enhance and strengthen our coalition into the future.”

Established in 1980 by the US Air Force, Exercise Red Flag provides personnel with an opportunity to experience a complex, modern and dynamic combat landscape.

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