Budget + Policy

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten gave a speech at the Lowy Institute indicating that Labor would not implement significant changes to the Defence budget or to major projects.

The US Department of Defense has released a report to ensure a “robust, resilient, secure, and ready” manufacturing and defence industrial base that could serve as a template for Australia.

A report by KPMG has highlighted the issues surrounding lengthy procurement processes in an era of rapidly-iterating technologies.

The range of technologies being implemented in major projects brings some Australian companies under the United States ITAR and EAR export controls.

The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit has tabled its report into the 2016-17 Defence Major Projects Report (MPR).

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has released a scathing report into the Land 121 Phase 4 project to acquire the Thales Hawkei.

In a presentation made on the sidelines of Land Forces, Brigadier Chris Mills laid out Army’s modernisation priorities in light of anticipated changes to the way wars will be fought.

The government has approved a project to enhance and continuously improve the equipment used by the ADF.

Our society and the ADF would cease to operate if our national energy infrastructure and associated supply chains falter. Yet public awareness of these risks is relatively poor.

Newly-minted Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne has announced the Government’s 2018-19 investment priorities for the Defence Innovation Hub.

In supporting both Department of Defence and Defence Contractor enterprises over many years, ENS International has seen negotiation shortcomings and challenges.

NZ's Coalition government has released its Strategic Defence Policy Statement, reaffirming Wellington's strategic reliance on the rules-based global order.

The 2018-19 budget was a restrained, moderate policy document in virtually all regards. Moderate tax cuts all round, a moderately faster return to surplus a year earlier than planned.

The headline figure of $35.5 billion for Defence spending is on track to meet the government’s commitment of two per cent of GDP funding by 2020/2021.

Funding for Defence spending remains on track this year at $36.4 billion, setting the government on a path to meet their 2020/2021 two per cent of GDP funding target.