Cyber + Space

Face Recognition Technology has become a leading tool in alerting for known rogues in major public security situations.

The report has also highlighted the global campaign by advanced adversaries to compromise some private sector providers of ICT services, including ICT security.

While the national space agency has been announced, its form is yet to be shaped.

The 2017 International Astronautical Congress has kicked off in Adelaide with more than 4000 registered delegates, a new record for the annual space industry event.

The Reference Group will now develop a charter for the space agency for inclusion in the wider strategy being brought forward by the end of March 2018.

"Grey zones” in the international law of cyberspace were giving hostile nations an opportunity to mount cyber attacks without attracting international condemnation.

The institutions will share $1.91 million over four years to help build the required expertise and job-ready skills needed by the industry and Government.

Despite the hoopla of the Government’s Cyber Security strategy announced in May for the next four years, the Government has expressed little interest in resourcing it effectively. ADM’s Cyber Summit looked at some of the issues facing this sector.

Three clear themes emerged this year: the overarching strategic research framework into cyber is unclear; insider threats are huge; and finding/growing cyber warriors is a big challenge.

Former Rear Admiral Mike Brown had a good word for Australia’s approach to cyber security.

This year was a tough year for cyber security. In May the US Government suffered a major breach of the records of its Office of Personnel Management.

Cyber threat Indicators point to another tough year for security staff, especially in the Defence sector. China and the US account for more than half of all observed attack traffic, according to Akamai’s ‘State of the Internet’ Report for the fourth quarter 2014.

The concept of operations for the future ADF is to fight in a networked battlespace where the knowledge edge will provide a decisive advantage.

The cyber threat landscape is ever changing and the race to keep up with the threats is never ending.

While Boeing may be best known for their work in aerospace and communications, they are moving into the cyber domain with the recent opening of first Cyber Analytics Centre outside the US in Singapore, to bring advanced cyber security capabilities and services to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.