Defence is taking a new approach to the long-term tenancy arrangements at the government-owned munitions facility in Benalla, Victoria.

In the Land domain, 2018 will be primarily remembered as the year in which a multi-billion dollar decision on the acquisition of Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) began shaping a significant element of Army’s combat capability for decades ahead.

The US has moved forward with two active protection systems currently under consideration for Land 400 and Abrams tank upgrade programs.

The ADF has entered into two significant munitions contracts today.

The NZDF has signed an Equipment Master Services Agreement (MSA) with EPE for HDT deployable infrastructure systems.

Curtiss-Wright has provided ADM with guidance on how Australian companies can join its supplier base.

French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated his calls for an EU army — an idea not new to the European defence and security debate.

The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit will hold a second hearing into the ANAO report into Hawkei tomorrow.

The ADF’s Armaments Systems Program Office (ARMTSPO) recently commissioned NIOA to undertake suitability trials for a specialist weapon coating system called EC Paint.

PSM has announced that the Puma will not contend for Land 400 Phase 3.

Military vehicles endure extreme conditions during their lifetime. How can the steering systems of these vehicles take on temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius?

It’s been six years since G-Wagons began rolling out across the Army. 2016 saw the last of 2,146 vehicles delivered to Army to replace two-thirds of the Land Rover fleet under Land 121 Phase 3A (with the remainder to be replaced by Hawkei under Phase 4).

The Commonwealth has selected Indra Australia to design and manufacture a Level 2 deployable forensic laboratory capability that is being procured under Land 154 Phase 2.

First pass approval to progress a range of soldier combat-related capability elements under Project Land 125 Phase 4 is imminent, although details of what will be involved are still being finalised.

The debate over the role, utility and importance of the tank capability in the ADF is often speculative and pejorative.